Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ten smile tuesday!

1. i made it through the first (and supposedly more painful/hard) phase of getting a crown on my tooth this morning....and i'll admit, i was quite terrified of the whole idea of having this done...so much so that i probably put it off far too long!

2. a fabulous trip to the Children's Museum with our friends, jill and brennan, yesterday!

getting all three kiddos to sit back, cooperate, and smile wasn't happening! :)

elizabeth takes brennan for a ride

if only this was an excavator instead, as that is most definitely libs FAVORITE word...i know, strange...but those who know her daddy will get why this 3 year old points out EVERY excavator (or other construction equipment) by name!

kater and brennan get wet...soaked, actually...but they had fun in the process!

3. these gorgeous spring dresses that arrived in the mail from aunt kim and uncle dave! thanks!

4. an evening "out" with my hubby. our church hosted a banquet for all the children's ministry teachers and workers last night....and also provided free childcare and pizza for the kiddos. there was a great meal, catered by our delightful friends lora and keith, and it was just nice to relax and enjoy an evening together.

5. the girls and i made a quick trip to the lake to visit grandmommy and poppy at the end of the week. we missed daddy, but we did have a great time. grandmommy even managed to play with us all afternoon and evening thursday (including some good canasta time once the girlies were in bed), work ALL night, and then even keep up with us all day friday! we made carrot cake cupcakes to celebrate grandmommy's birthday...and enjoyed meeting some of their friends when we stopped by their euchre club friday night. (incidentally, the hosts of euchre club had a young daughter who was 6 or 7, and elizabeth was enthralled by the opportunity to play with her "big girl" stuff!)

elizabeth beats grandmommy at a round of tic tac toe!

libs wondered why we couldn't go swimming....but it was definitely a wee bit chilly!

poppy tried to get libbers to test out the water with her fingers...but elizabeth preferred to keep her distance!

a pooped kater gator on the way home!

6. the aforementioned chance to play some canasta with my mom...it had been way too long! i won't say who won...don't want to rub it in! :)

7. while up north, we also enjoyed catching up with mommy's dear friend jill...or "miss jill" as elizabeth calls her. we had a chick-fil-a picnic in the park and then had LOTS of fun playing on the playground. it was also fun to catch up with a high school friend and her twin babies. elizabeth can't stop talking about you, miss jill...we'll definitely be visiting again soon!

8. before leaving daddy to head north, we figured we should leave him with something "sweet"...so we whipped up a surprise wednesday night...snickerdoodles! even kate got in on the fun, rolling a few dough balls in sugar and cinnamon. elizabeth was a professional roller and cookie watcher!

kate rolls (and smushes!)

"are they done yet!?"

the cookie testers!

9. our girly-girl...kate is SO into dressing up (with whatever spare accessories she can find). between this and her love for doll babies, she is definitely the more "girly-girl" of our two girls...

a belt posing as a necklace makes the PERFECT accessory, right!?

10. knowing that at least the laundry is done and folded for the week...so what if the rest of the house is a disaster, right! :) actually, our MOPS speaker thursday was so refreshing...reminding us to keep perspective in this phase of that, and that perhaps a clean, spotlessly organized house is for another phase of life! i am so thankful for a husband who would prefer i spend quality time with our daughters as opposed to having an immaculate house. thanks for the reminder michael!


Fairlightday said...

Aww! This is so sweet. I love how Kate is dressing up. Sadie~Rose is our dress up queen. Always a necklace or bracelet hanging on her.
And thank you for the reminder of the messy home. I can never quite get it "together" to have the perfectly clean home. But my girls are happy and we spend loads of time together. :) Have a great week Amanda!

Rebecca said...

love your smiles and pictures. kate is so cute in her little dress up stuff.
i hear ya on the messy home thing. i always feel like ours is a disaster. i managed to clean a couple of rooms today, but still have a couple more to do and laundry to fold. hmmm.
glad you had a good time visiting your parents and seeing your friend :). oh, and i'm glad the first part of your crown went well. praying for you!

Aminta said...

Oh! I adore those dresses from there Auntie and Uncle! So darling.
You are such an amzing mother Amanda. I love seeing how you love them, it blesses me. It is alwasy refreshing to come for a visit.
Loves to you and those darling girls!!!
XO's Min
P.S. How are you feeling Mrs. Preggers???? :D

Nancy M. said...

The girls are so sweet! I agree, it's more important to spend time with our precious blessings than keeping the house spotless!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Quality time over immaculate house...amen sister.

What great smiles - those new dresses are beautiful, but not as much as your sweet girls.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Love the new dresses!! Makes me get girl fever... :)

I so needed the reminder about qualaty time over immaculate house too. It's such a balancing act. It really helps me to know there are others who are right there with me.

Jill Phillabaum said...

Tell Elizabeth Miss Jill says hello and I'm waiting for the updated photo for my fridge! Hope you have had a good week and are feeling ok, Amanda. Oh...and give little Kater a kiss for me...not that she'll care, but someday she'll grow to like me!!