Tuesday, March 3, 2009

finally...some smiles

finally i have time to sit down on a tuesday afternoon and share some smiles.

1. healthy girlies and a healthy hubby....as for a healthy mama...well, not so much! but that's okay...at least the rest of the fam is feeling good!

2. a break in the frigid coldness so we could get outside for a bit on thursday...and now, well....back to the frigidness...but at least each day brings us one day closer to spring-time and warmth!

3. finding fun in the little things...like the empty laundry hamper. i especially love that they both stood in here together grinning and giggling--and i love the smile on kate's face...because truly, in the midst of the sickies the smiles were few and far between!

4. the super tasty ham, pineapple, and provolone stromboli we created for dinner friday night....i was improvising, trying to recreate the flavor of a sandwich we ordered in one evening...figuring surely we could do a similar taste for less moo-lah...and it worked! :)

5. (i'm cheating...this is from the prior week...but its my blog, so i can do that!) the annual "taste" night at my church. you submit your favorite recipe, then make it and bring it that evening...and after a short testimony from a speaker and some door prizes, you get to taste everyone else's recipe....AND you leave with a HUGE stack of recipes! it is fabulous!

6. when the weather is cold and frightful and the sniffles have the whole house feeling ick, what better fun than to go fishing in a big ol' mixing bowl. this resulted in completely drenched but happy girlies!

7. maternity clothes "shopping" in a friend's closet earlier this afternoon. it makes me almost excited to bust into maternity clothes now that i have a whole new wardrobe waiting!

8. an evening of hanging out and socializing with our church flock group...so nice to get out of the house after being cooped up with the sickies...and how nice to have a reprieve for a day or two before i started feeling ick!

9. filling my freezer with a few extra meals (on top of the freezer cooking my girlfriends and i did a few weeks back). can i just say that freezer cooking makes my life SO much easier...especially with pregnancy. and girls, it can be done so easily...and saves SO much money! sunday i picked up a couple rotisserie chickens at costco and turned those into lunch AND four chicken pot pies for the freezer (i freeze the filling and then make a fresh crust the day of serving it). then i had so much energy i decided to whip up 5 batches of teriyaki chicken as well....that was 8 more dinners in the freezer (we ate one pot pie for dinner) and took me only 2 hours to do. i'd call that well worth the time!

10. teeny, tiny baby diapers. CVS had a deal and i had some ECBs that were expiring, so i started stocking up on pampers swaddlers (i'm a bit picky and love those for when the baby is really itty bitty--insert a big smile and eek as it once again hits me that we will have another itty bitty, teeny tiny baby around!). i barely resisted the urge to bust open the package and savor the scent of the diapers and smiles at just how little they truly are...



Rebecca said...

such great smiles. hope you are feeling better soon, glad the rest of the fam is feeling better. using the library computer as we STILL have no phone. they can't come out until the 11th. ugh! appreciate your prayers! love the matching outfits on the girls. and love that you are stocking your freezer. i really need to do that some time...

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ham, pineapple, provolone...oh my. That sounds like a DELISH combo.

How I miss teeny tiny diapers! I loved Pampers Swaddlers in the newborn sizes - good choice.

Taste night sounds like a great idea! Did you find some really good recipes? Maybe you can post your faves...I need some new ideas!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

So good to see some smiles your way, Amanda!!! I can totally relate to the weather...I'm so ready for Spring to grace us with her warmth lol Your girls are adorablea s always!! And so glad everyone is feeling better your way!!

Lisa said...

good to have you and your smiles back!

Crystal said...

Here's to hoping you get feeling better soon. I always love reading about your girls! I was excited to see you were expecting another one! I love the girls fishing in the bowl. Sometimes it's those simple things that will be the things you remember down the road. I'll try to send some warmer weather your way. We just found ourselves in a little patch of warm weather today (in nebraska), but I am not sure how long it's supposed to last. :)

Leslie said...

ohh these are all such good smiles, and I always open them, and look at how tiny they are... every. time. It blows me away.

praying praying for a feeling good mama in the midst of everything

Trace said...

Everytime i visit your blog, I land up writing down a few ideas!! LOVE it... I really like the idea of a Taste night... AND freezer cooking... need to get going with that again.

Oh and an empty laundry bin?? DEFINITELY a cause for celebration!! LOL!!

Nancy M. said...

I love the fishing in the mixing bowl! Cool idea!