Thursday, June 4, 2009


...oh so many fabulous things in the hours and days to come!

~the warm chewy cookies baking in the oven right now...can't wait to pull them out and share one with the girlies....chocolate chip with some peanut butter chips tossed in, just to be crazy! dearest leslie's recipe...of course!~

~our trip to the lake this weekend...swimming, taking elizabeth to the "fishy derby" (fishing derby), celebrating my dearest dad's birthday (just a few days belated), sitting on the porch and pontoon, soaking in a bit of sunshine (hopefully!), enjoying my sweet little family, and, of course, a few hands of canasta with my mom~

~dearest elizabeth is sitting next to me right now...talking ninety miles an hour about how she is going to take her goggles to the "fishy derby" and put her face in the water to see the fishies...and then, she is anticipating using her trusty magnetic elmo fishing pole (yep...the bathtub toy) to catch some loon lake fishies...bless her precious heart!~

~celebrating five years of marriage to my dearest michael. i can hardly believe it has been that long...sometimes it seems just yesterday...and yet, here we are...two gorgeous daughters, many, many joys celebrated together, trials and struggles as well, anticipating the birth of babe #3~

~a date with michael, while my generous parents watch the girls and get them safely tucked away in their beds tomorrow evening...~

~dreaming, planning, wondering, preparing, and marveling in God's goodness in the gift of the new life in my womb...wondering just who he or she will be...anticipating hearing my sweet husband make the announcement in the delivery room as to whether we have been gifted with another precious daughter or perhaps a sweet and handsome son...and, oh my, the reality that the next 12-13 weeks are most likely going to fly by before i know it, and lo and behold we will be snuggling that sweet babe in our arms~

~eagerly looking forward to getting to meet two precious, incredible blogging friends in real life...wendi and jackie on monday ...i can hardly wait (EEEKKKK!) to meet these two incredible women--women i already feel like i know so well...can't wait!~

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Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

So many wonderful things! Your weekend plans sound so delightful and relaxing! I don't think there is much more relaxing than sitting on a pontoon boat. I love it!

Reading about the cookies in your oven are making me a wee bit hungry... :)

I can not believe how fast our pregnancies our going! Amazing that you only have 12-13 weeks left. Here I am at half way already. Wow. I'm so excited to hear all about who God blesses you with as well!! You have alot of patience... :) Waiting to find out would be hard for me - but I'm sure it's an amazing moment in the delivery room!

And of course our wonderful plans for Monday. :) Most certainly a dream come true!