Tuesday, September 29, 2009

once upon an autumn evening...

...making up for the lack of pictures in this weeks smiles...

here's some pics of our late afternoon backyard fun. the big girls and i had a fabulous time running around the yard, waddling like penguins, sliding, swinging, and otherwise enjoying a gorgeously cool autumn evening while we waited for daddy to get home from work.

(grandmommy and poppy, this is the slide that we found for the lake!)

...and one last shot...gotta love seeing kate play so joyfully with her baby sister. she kept pulling her gator's tail and letting the gator shake its way up jillian's tummy...so sweet!


Nancy M. said...

Great smiles in the post below! The girls look like they are having fun in the pictures!

Rebecca said...

such great smiles. and looks like a fun fun time outside. i love the fall, too!
love that baby sling you made! especially the fabric. i tried one of those with leila, but just couldn't get into it.
the wrap i have is just like the moby wrap. i didn't make it, but i (or you) could very easily make one. i actually bought mine from a friend b/c they are trying to raise $$ to bring her hubby's parents for a visit from africa. anywho...i really love the wrap and i've already used it several times.
kudos for you for getting to target and joann's with all 3 girlies! joann's is so hard for me to do with all 3!
i would definitely love to meet up with you in ft wayne some time. any certain times that you are thinking?