Tuesday, May 4, 2010


...of my first day of my life at age 31.

mike and i technically celebrated with sushi last thursday on date night. (and it was yummy sushi...really yummy!)...and we had fresh from the meat market bratwurst (i have a weak spot for bratwursts...) on the grill Sunday evening....and i had an entire day with my dearest jill (a trip to IKEA with just baby emmett and kate) on Saturday....and i received a delightful princess birthday card hand-selected by two of my princesses while on a special trip with daddy (as in received it the minute they got home from the store Sunday...because, well, secrets aren't their strong suit!). but, of course, in the midst of a wee little pity-party over my "stay at home" actual birthday...not sure if there would be a cake or any actual day-of-the birthday celebrations. (but might i take a moment to mention that my husband's surprise party for my birthday last year was WAY over the top incredible...and hard to beat!...AND he did already take me for sushi, buy my half of IKEA in the process of redecorating and reorganizing, and in general treat me in a celebratory day...in other words, leaving me with NO excuse for throwing a pity-party).

and here i am at 2:30...in a much less pity-party-ish mood. counting my MANY blessings. the girls and i started the morning with a trip to the local bakery for donuts...and then holly and her boys showed up for kangaroo costume making (for her son aiden's school play)...and she came bearing a gorgeous cake...and handmade cards from her and from two of her boys...and lunch...and singing happy birthday. and we chatted and crafted and laughed and settled squabbles and cleaned up accidents and ate cake...and my heart delighted in the treasure of doing life....even messy, little kid, not a moment of silence life...and i was brought back to the reality of the immense blessings in my life. 31 years of them.

want a peek of my morning?

my princess birthday card from my princesses

my birthday cake from holly

the trail mix the girlies and i made this morning...they helped me chop up the dried fruit...and snacked as we went...and i am just about to put my feet up and partake in a handful before naptime is over

the fabric i ironed this morning...i planned to start dresses for the girls...but now i'm thinking perhaps i will make it into shirts with little red pants perhaps...we shall see.


Crystal said...

That sounds like a wonderful birthday! I love that fabric. I think it would look adorable as shirts with those little red pants you were talking about. :) Those girls are awful sweet. I know I say it almost every time I leave a comment, but you are truly blessed, Amanda!

Rebecca said...

sounds like a wonderful birthday. that fabric is beautiful! what sweetie pie girls you have. and great hubby, too! happy birthday again!

Little Candle said...

That fabric looks oh so familiar! Don't you just love it? It made the cutest outfit for Evelyn and book bag for Elijah, I can't wait to see what amazing things you do with it.

Aminta said...

Sounds like an absolutely lovely birthday! And what a cake!!! I am sure it tasted just as good as it looks.....amazing!
Love you sweet friend.

Nancy M. said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Happy Birthday!!!