Thursday, May 13, 2010

{inspired by a tent}

i broke out our tent today....and discovered that a tent is not a "quiet" toy around our house. nope. not a bit. the tent inspires raucous laughter, shrieking, and occasional rolling and tipping. the tent makes it sound a bit like we live in a zoo (as if it doesn't most of the time...who am i kidding?!). but it inspired lots of fun...lots of smiles...and some all three girls playing together time (which delighted jilly LOTS!). want a peek? inspired by the fact that the camera was out, i also clicked a few "self-portraits" make-up...still in my PJs...messy haired girls...and kate with nothin' but her undies on (after a milk mishap at lunch)...remembering the giggles...unedited.

"come on into our igloo...but don't worry, it isn't cold (as evidenced by kate in only undies!)!"

love the silliness of my libber-girl

and seriously...cute x a bazillion...but actually, the part that makes me laugh outloud is the background...kate, hair covering her eyes ( matter how many bazillion times i replace the barette--but i refuse to cut bang, thank you very much!), wearin' her undies

my crew...

okay...lovin' kate's expression...she is looking at her big it!

life can't get much better than this!


Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Ahhh!I love these! I love you. :) I want to see you this summer.

Leslie said...

oh Amanda.. I love seeing your smile. your look amazing.... and glowing..... hmmmmm. just saying.

I totally have best of intentions to send you pictures. I really want too.. Im in sailboat making... you know what... Monday.. can I send them!!! or you can pelt me with hard candies!!

Amanda said...

wendi...i want to see you too! like, really, really, really want to! what does your summer look like "busyness"-wise? let me know what the best month to try for something might be!

leslie...nope, won't pelt you with hard candies. monday is awesome...or tuesday or wednesday even. don't have enough going on! that leila is an undies only girlie too! elizabeth wasn't so it cracks me up that kate just loves wearing her undies!

Chelle said...

What a happy day to start my day. This post just makes me smile + smile. And I Amanda, I wish I looked that amazing with no make-up on and the girls, well they are just plain silly and darling and sweet.

Love this post. And you friend. A lot.