Tuesday, May 18, 2010


1. my jilly-girl...this Sunday morning was her dedication at church. what a special day...and a special girl. and here she is in her dress!

here is the best of our attempts to capture the matching sisters...the outtakes were quite funny.

2. and though jillian has been on the move for quite some time, she has definitely ramped it up this past week. she discovered she could pull all the toys off the shelves...and then crawl over them...leaving quite the mess in her wake.

3. a garage sale...i did a garage sale with three friends this weekend. not only was it successful, but we also had lots of quality time chatting, laughing and enjoying each other!

4. the tastiest dinner...oh, it was soooo good. red quinoa, roasted corn, black beans, grape tomatoes, cilantro, and lime...and a few strips of grilled steak. it was fabulous...and will definitely be added to our menu for the future! (and, for the record, it was even better leftover...all the flavors mingled together beautifully)

5. datin' my hubby....who happens to be the best.

6. oh...and celebrating aforementioned hubby's birthday yesterday! the girls and i bought him some little surprises...they each picked out a matchbox car for him...which i found pricelessly cute...after all, what man wouldn't want a new car for his birthday! :) we also celebrated with a surprise cake, etc. at our normal Sunday game night. it ended quite chaotically with a sick (and i do mean icky...puky...sick) elizabeth)...but it was still fun!

7. this little girl figured out how to pull herself up to standing this week. she is QUITE proud of herself.

8. our garden is growing like crazy...its definitely enjoying the cool, damp weather!

9. an entire morning out by myself....an appointment, lots of errands, and even sneaking in lunch out with my hubby today. thanks to holly for watching my girlies...and, oh how thankful i am to have friends we trust and enjoy...who love my kiddos...and whose kiddos we love as well!

10. giggles, tickles, laughter, superman flying the girls like my dad used to fly michelle and i, creating, coloring, making messes, story reading, listening to my kater make up stories, and on and on...soooo, soooo blessed.


Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Jilly in her dress - Love, love, love!!! :) She is getting so big Amanda! For real, it's crazy.

This post really brought a smile to my face!

Nancy M. said...

Great smiles! Jillian seems to always be so happy!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

Those girls are just ADORABLE and I love mornings alone. :) So sweet....

Little Candle said...

I adore the dresses you made! I wish we could get together and have a sewing day, I think that would be a blast. I have to thank you for your Freezer Feastings blog...that is where I got the majority of the meals that now grace my freezer. It was so simple to just print and start cooking! You're awesome!