Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ten-ish smiles

whole lotta' particular order...maybe multiple posts! :)

1. jilly's first taste of pancakes...she liked 'em! :) daddy made us some super light and tasty crepe-ish pancakes Saturday morning. we served them up with e.d. smith's cherry strawberry kiwi jam. YUM!

2. we had some friends over to grill and hang out Saturday evening. jilly was the recepient of her first kiss....see...all the big kids had a blast running around the backyard too!

3. libs and i went to a neighborhood garage sale Saturday morning. what a joy to wander around with her, looking through everything and even finding a few treasures. elizabeth is now the ecstatic owner (well, co-owner, really, since kate is equally thrilled by them!) of a boatload of polly pockets (which she and kate call "polly holly dollys". we also scored an awesome LLBean jacket for libs for just $2 (barely worn!) and LOTS of almost new carters PJs for the libber girl too. the best part by far was spending time with libber-girl though!

4. playing with brennan and emmett...and mommy getting some auntie jill time. :) love spur of the moment playdates!

5. a date night with my hubby....including two free meals at red robin (well, except for the drinks we felt obligated to buy since they were giving us everything else for free!) and lots of wandering and chatting.

...and there are more...but perhaps i will finish out with a few more posts, because i have lots of pics!

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Chelle said...

Sounds like some really sweet things are going on in your little corner of the world friend. Loving all the pics...and miss you friend!