Monday, October 18, 2010

a belated birthday wrap-up

i promised more birthday pics...and that was over a week ago. but, here goes! :)

upon arrival, each little princess received a pink and purple tutu and some princess coloring pages...they squealed and chattered and giggled.

then there was some crafting....foam tiaras and glittery foam wands...and, yes, there is still glitter in the carpet and spread throughout the house. :) my dearest hubby was a prince...seriously, 5 little girls...lots of squealing, glittering, twirling, etc...and he was the only males in the vicinity! :)

after the crafting we headed outside for some "pin the kiss on the frog", so fun! :)

caroline was crafty...she realized there was a piece of tape where the mouth was and used her fingers to "feel" where her kiss should go! :)

and, of course, there was a princess cake (elizabeth was thrilled by my cake creation...and i was thrilled with how it turned out as well!)...and a "5" candle...and singing...

...and far more sugar than anyone ever really needs...unless, of course, you happen to be turning five...

there was opening of that i captured her delight in opening the wrapping and discovering "the beauty and the beast"

and cute is this...all five of the girls were SO beyond thrilled by the littlest pet shop (and i was delighted that we found it clearanced for 50% off!). there was much gathering and playing around the pet shop after mike put it all together! :)

the five princesses

caroline and elizabeth (and tinkerbell and belle and donuts)

riley, elizabeth, and ellie

we capped the day off with a pizza picnic (pineapple pizza)...elizabeth's request for her birthday dinner...watching "beauty and the beast".

what a fabulously fun day. for the record elizabeth's favorite thing to tell people these days is "i'm already five!"...well that and some other secret news that we'll divulge someday soon...unless you see us in person and elizabeth decides to spill the beans first. :)


Leslie said...

adorable you know .....I bet you do...


Rebecca said...

oh how fun and adorable! elizabeth is a little beauty.

Anonymous said...

and exciting news for sure!!

Chelle said...

So, so much fun! And that pretty little "already five year old..." of yours who loves to spill the lovely she is, just like her Mama. So excited for secret. xo

Little Candle said...

I can't believe she is five!!! I still remember when she turned one and cried about the cake. What a beautiful girl she is growing into!