Friday, October 22, 2010


**i had text at the beginning...but it wouldn't let me cut and paste it at the top once the pics were added, so view first and read about our fun weekend later....and, yes, i know, there are a LOT of pictures...A LOT!**

my beautiful elizabeth...

while jilly and kate napped she raked and gathered and jumped and played all by herself....and she LOVED every second of it...she is such an independent player most of the time

it wasn't a big pile of leaves, but it was big enough to delight her heart

leaf rubbings

at first kater wasn't so sure about jumping (as a side note...doesn't that water look "brrrrr"!?)

my second little beauty

and finally jilly woke up and joined us!

i just like the unusualness of this pic

my third little beauty

all three beauties!

okay...seriously, this pic makes me smile. it is life...not pristine posed smiles, real life smiles...ask kate to hug jilly, instead she looks like she is choking her...but jilly is still smiling...perfectly captures the moment...seriously, in immediately after this picture the only one left on the bench was jilly...and she was gone quickly too!

pumpkin fantasyland
the wizard of oz display...for you grandma f. :)

my girlies

this was one of my favorites at pumpkin fantasyland...i just love his expression...and yes, that is a gourd for his head! :) pumpkin fantasyland is a bunch of character displays all using pumpkins as the character heads, etc....really cute, especially if you are 3 and 5!

kate and libs with poppy...they sure do love him A LOT! (no worries grandmommy...they love you just managed to avoid all the pictures!)

sisters in the straw maze

this time poppy broke out the leaf blower and helped the girls make a much bigger leaf pile

they had a blast!

leaf angels

too funny!

burying poppy...they even put the trashcan over his head....then he jumped out at them! :)

can you find me? yep...i joined in on the leaf-y fun! (i feel like i still have leaves in my hair)....i tried to join in on a picture at pumpkin fantasyland...on a slanted rock...i was planning to hold kate...we sat down and proceeded to slide right off...onto the gravel...embarrassing...a bit painful, and needless to say, no group shot was attempted after that. :)

sisters that after taking turns rolling each other in the can they decided to climb in together without prompting...

"mommy. do you know why they call it 'fall'? because it is when the leaves fall!"
~wisdom from elizabeth :)

last weekend the girls and i took a quick and impromptu trip to the lake to visit grandmommy and poppy. we couldn't have asked for lovelier weather (or more perfect leaves for jumping in!). the only thing that would have made the trip better was if daddy had been able to join us. but bless his heart...he stayed home and worked on the unending list of house projects...installing a new toilet, fixing a leaky sink, cleaning out the garage (after all the kitchen projects, etc....his car is going to make it back to the garage before the dead of winter--actually hopefully by the end of the weekend). not only did he work on household projects, he also represented our family at applesauce day 2010...bringing home around 65 quarts of extremely tasty applesauce (and one bee sting on his hand!)....what a man! :)

it really was a fabulous weekend. the bigger girls were the perfect age for raking, scooping, and jumping in the leaves. and jilly...well, she just loved exploring is her first trip to the lake as a she was able to check everything out on a whole new level! one of my favorite things was watching her react to the bigger girls reacting to poppy. and poppy brought these 3D viewfinders (think old school red viewfinder!) home from work...they were a marketing tool and the cartoon made no sense whatsoever to elizabeth and kate, but oh my, they would sit and click through the pictures over and over and thrilled!

i was able to rest from the norm....and enjoy lots of canasta and iPod "scrabble" with my mom. once the girls were tucked in bed we would sit at the table playing canasta while passing the iPod back and forth for "words with friends" fun! i must admit, i was thoroughly trounced at canasta several times. we also enjoyed visiting with GG...tasty food (even a batch of homemade caramel corn!)...and lots of laughing. :)


Cottage Mommy said...

Looks like a lot of fun Amanda! I love the shot of the girls in the trash can! How are you feeling and how far along are you now? Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for taking time from your busy lives to brighten out little paradise even more. It was so fun having you here and we hope it becomes an annual event. Now to get the girls up when they can walk out on the ice and experience Loon Lake in the winter! So beautiful, the girls, their Mommy and the scenery around us. Love you all!

Rebecca said...

all the pictures are so great! thanks for sharing them. your girls sure are beautiful. sounds like you and a wonderful weekend. i'm so glad you were able to have that. and kudos to mike for taking care of so much at home. i especially like the pic of kate & libs in the trash can...adorable! oh...and the one of jill looking up at fun!

Go Long! Go Green! said...

What great pictures! Love the one of lib and kate in the trashcan!

Nikki said...

I love all your photos!! Those girlies are the cutest things on the planet, and adding piles of leaves + grandparents to the mix makes them even more adorable! I remember playing in leaf piles when I was little, and it was always so much fun. Hooray for grand weekends with grandparents! (And some downtime for you, too!)