Friday, October 8, 2010

birthday math (otherwise titled...a sneak peek!)

one birthday girl

one princess cake

5 little princesses (and crafts and games and giggles and squeals)

a really fun, really silly birthday party

can't wait to show you more! :)

this evening as mike came walking up the driveway carrying the pineapple pizza (the birthday girl's special request) and i laid out the picnic sheets and put her brand new copy of "beauty and the beast" in the bluray player, a certain little birthday girl sighed and commented, "this has been the best day EVER..." i hope so sweet girl...that was just what mommy intended!

now she and her sisters are tucked away in bed...lets hope sleep comes quickly (and maybe even last late into the morning?!)--hey, a mama can dream, right!?

in other 5 year old news, tonight she asked daddy just how the baby was going to come out of me. he he! and then proceeded to tell us that she was planning to someday have one baby...when we asked if that was all, she said, "no, i will have another one the next year." we asked how many babies she wanted to have someday when she was married...her response "ten hundred, i think." oi!


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Happy 5th birthday to Elizabeth! So glad to see it was such a sweet day!

Cottage Mommy said...

Looks like such a fun party Amanda! And Happy Birthday to a big five years old! I can't believe you will soon have four kids under the age of five! What a super Mom you are!

Rebecca said...

looks like a fun birthday. happy belated birthday...didn't forget (how could i?!)...just no internet until thursday.

and oh boy...that's a lot of kiddos she wants, haha!

Nancy M. said...

She's such a pretty girl! I love the cake! That is too funny how many kids she wants, lol!