Wednesday, September 21, 2011

day to day

today has been we enjoyed some time outside this afternoon. i'm not going to lie...i often wonder whether hauling out the bikes and all the "stuff" is really worth the 10-15 minutes they spend actually riding them before getting bored and wanting to do something else (not to mention the moment where jillian is trying to catch up on her worm-bike (with her squeaky shoes announcing every move), elizabeth is waiting for permission to cross the street, and i'm rescuing kate who has freaked out because of the *tiny* dog at the end of the street, let go of her handlebars and tipped over, and luke is crying while laying on a blanket in the yard (HA!))...but really, it was fun to enjoy the front yard for a bit. i think we'll stick with the fenced in portion for the rest of the day. are some snapshots of what we are up to lately...

-elizabeth is eagerly awaiting the loss of her first tooth. it is really loose...but she will have nothing to do with the idea of mommy and daddy helping it come out more quickly.

-today elizabeth begged me to let her do more math during rest time. she watched an entire extra lesson of math-u-see and mastered it. amazing!

-luke is a rolling fiend...over and over he goes trying to get where he wants to be. he is also trying desperately to get on his knees...but he hasn't gotten there yet (and i must admit, that makes me a bit relieved...i'm not ready to keep up with him yet!)

-luke now has four teeth

-jillian is obsessed with airplanes (a-pays) and that girlie!

-kate can write all of her capital letters (and some lowercase). she is desperately trying to "keep up" with elizabeth. bless her heart!

-in the dismissal room at school elizabeth and kate greeted each other with a massive hug and "i missed you so much"...then proceeded to chatter and giggle the entire drive home. what a sweet reminder that they really DO love and enjoy one another...further evidenced by the fact that they spent most of their free time yesterday playing upstairs in their room and the playroom together.

-i just started reading "loving the little years: motherhood in the trenches" by rachel jankovic...and wow, it is so good so far (and a light quick essential at this point in life!)


Rebecca said...

we are trying to enjoy the nice weather while we can as well! and that book sounds good.

Jennifer said...

So many of these thoughts resonated with me--getting stuff out (is it worth it?), seeing sibling love (seriously, is there anything sweeter?), beautiful weather! I will have to check out that book, too!

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Sweet every day life. :) AND that book sounds very good!