Sunday, September 25, 2011

seven months...oh my!

a certain little boy (ahem...the only little boy!) at our house is 7 months old today. 7 in the world did that happen!?

since this is my blog i feel perfectly okay with plastering it with pictures of said all his smiley, roly-poly, giggly goodness. i've had more and more people tell me lately that they think he looks like me. for the record, lately i am starting to see a lot of my dad in him (from baby pics of my dad)...and comparison-wise...he is almost an even split of kate and jilly...jilly's eyes for sure and kate's mouth and nose (which makes sense...jilly is a replica of my sister and kate looks most like me in my opinion, while elizabeth is a replica of mike!)

at his six month check-up this little man was 20 lbs. and 29 3/4 inches long...way off the charts for height. i feel fairly confident he has managed to stretch even longer in the past month. he also has mastered the ability to roll all over the place...say "mama" (be still my heart!)...fallen in love with carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes (and mastered the ability to spit out anything green)...loves just about anything when kate is nearby (including being rolled over like a steamroller...while i say, "kate don't do gentle"...and she says, "but mom, he is laughing...he LIKES it!"...and really, it is hard to argue with that!). he still loves his sleep...yay! he is finally learning to hold himself in a sitting position...but, honestly, he would MUCH rather be left on the floor to roll...after all, who wants to sit when you could be rolling. :) he has four teeth with at least two more top ones right there ready to poke through, and he is desperately trying to get himself up on all fours to crawl (EEK!).

and did i mention that he is happy...seriously, this little man is so stinkin' happy. it does my heart good. he giggles...he laughs...he smiles...and then he giggles more...and laughs more...and smiles...and bats his little eyelashes. i have a feeling we are going to be in trouble here in a few more months...'cause who can resist those eyes?!

luke, we love you so incredibly much we could just burst!


Rebecca said...

wow...he is such a happy little guy! i love that kate rolls him precious!

Rebecca said...

nadia says, "is that wuke? oh!"

Jamie said...

handsome little man! don't worry about posting tons of pictures... your "fans" (me and others!) love 'em!

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