Wednesday, September 21, 2011

park fun

i have a love hate relationship with parks. there have been plenty of phases where, to be honest, i have hated them...trying to keep up with everyone, make sure no one falls, gets lost or otherwise injures themself, etc. however, we are currently in a "love" season with the park. the kids are at perfect stages...elizabeth and kate are able to do just about all of the "stuff" and are both fairly cautious to begin with; jillian is brave enough to follow her sisters but also not kamikaze crazy; and luke, well, he is just the sweetest, happiest little dude ever. that said, we've spent a lot of time at parks now that the weather is cooling down a bit. what fabulous family time. here are some glimpses of our friday and sunday evening park excursions.

sister fun!

jillian would slide all day long. and, yes, she especially likes tall and twisty slides. at one of our favorite parks she has worn a path between the bottom of her favorite slide and the steps back up to the slide platform. i think she went down the slide at least 50 times on friday evening...probably more than that. and, can you see how she slides her foot out to keep herself from going to fast and shooting off the end...what a smart girlie! :)


kate likes to try going down the slide in every possible way...forward, backward, laying down on her belly, laying down on her back...she is hilarious!

peek-a-boo pretty gal!

lest you think luke doesn't have any fun. his favorite thing about the park is being with mommy and daddy...and swinging...he does dig swinging a lot!

i tried for a photo shoot sunday evening. he wasn't so into it...but he still is pretty cute, isn't he? even with tears. ;)

two peas in a pod

hmm...what should i do with all of these woodchips? i know...THROW THEM!

and seriously...not sure who has more fun at the park...daddy or his girls. here they are, all jumping and bouncing each other! love it!

on sunday i really wanted everyone worn out and ready for a good night of sleep. i had taken a thing of mini cookies to share as dessert, so the girls had to accomplish tasks for each cookie...running around the gazebo, jumping jacks, somersaults, etc. gotta love my little somersaulters. and, for the record, i succeeded...early to sleep! ;)


wiggins said...

Amanda -

We are park fans (Arbuckle is our favorite and Blast-off is our 2nd favorite.) If you ever want to meet one fall afternoon at a park for the kids to play, let me know. We'd love it!

Angie W.

Rebecca said...

i love all the pictures of your much fun!