Tuesday, December 27, 2011

belated thanksgiving...

oh my...i am soooo behind in the realm of blogging...both the keeping up to date and the posting my own thoughts, etc. here is my attempt to get caught up on the past month or so....a very, very full month!

we spent thanksgiving at mike's parents...and we also do "Christmas" with them the day after Thanksgiving. it was a fun, full weekend...lots of pant-less jilly running around (and repeatedly washing her hands, as we were in the thick of *getting it* when it came to the potty).

this was a sight frequently seen...jilly, at the sink...so excited that she could turn the water on and off by herself...might i mention that i'm so thankful she hasn't mastered the faucet at our house ;)

decorating grandma and grandpa's tree...luke really liked the lights

jilly and luke hanging with aunt kim and uncle dave

luke and uncle dave having fun

aunt kim was kind enough to indulge the girls' obsession with the game SPLAT!

daddy and luke on Christmas morning...poor luke was fighting a cold and some wheezing, so he kind of looks glassy eyed in many of these pics...

uncle dennis presenting the girls with their Christmas present...he and kaitlyn gave them an atlas first and then dennis showed them peru on the atlas...as they had bought the presents in peru on their vacation

luke with a present....he was a quick learner when it came to unwrapping...although, he was much more interested in eating the paper than actually playing with the toys inside ;)

daddy helping his lubber-girl make a necklace

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