Friday, December 9, 2011

the past few weeks in pics :)

thanks to the trouble-shooting, advice seeking realm of facebook i figured out how to compress my photo files...and voila...we have pics! :)

pre tree decorating breakfast...french toast on homemade whole wheat artisan bread...yummy!

tree decorating...and hanging the outside lights :)

once the tree was up, we made some gingerbread cookies :)

the next morning was luke's dedication at church...the six of us are at the very end of the can't quite see jilly and elizabeth in the pic

grandmommy and poppy came down to be at the dedication and then spent the day with us. we had yummy pizza and lots of wii playing fun...

elizabeth testing out her bowling that she really gets it, she is pretty stinkin' good!

working on our ornaments for "truth in the tinsel"

these are the girls "mary" ornaments...the marble is baby Jesus...and, yes, i did help with the glitter glue...i let them do josephs glitter on their own...i'll show that pic later...ha!

one of our muffin advent activities was making snowman pancakes...tasty and fun!

another muffin tin advent activity was a trip to the children's museum...always a fun treat!

luke loved the crawling "maze" area...and playing with that cute little boy in the mirror!

some fun pics after we watched frosty :)

we spent all day tuesday out and students did a reader's theater and story time at barnes and noble during the TMS bookfair...the girls loved it...jilly even climbed right up onto the stage. one of my seventh grade guys rolled with it, picked her right up, and sat her on his knee for the duration of the story. :) we had a break while i helped at the church and the girls hung out in the nursery for naps and playing...then we headed back as a family for the eighth graders monologue performances. a fun but LONG day! :)

luke smiles really big...and giggles really big too...but he also has a new you see it? yep...he loves pulling up on things and standing! :)

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Rebecca said...

love all the pics! luke is growing so fast. libbs is pretty good at wii bowling, as well. her fave game on there is the biking game, though.