Friday, December 9, 2011

how is it already the 9th of december...seriously?! i would love to show you some of the fun things we've been doing so far this month...however, while our new camera takes wonderful photos and video, the files are so big that it takes FOREVER to upload...and i am incompetent in that realm and have no clue how to compress them, list of what we are enjoying

-truth in the tinsel--this has been a fun way to meet the girls' crafting desires AND spend some time reflecting on Jesus in this time of advent

-we've been singing lots of "go tell it on the mountain" and "away in a manger" and "angels we have heard on high"...and others, but those are the three the girls really know the words to

-i've been doing some knitting...felted ballet style slippers, a felted stocking for sweet baby greta, and i'm working on a ruffly scarf...just here and there when i have a moment or two (ha!)

-we've eaten pancake snowmen and a couple candy canes

-we've taken a family trip to the Children's museum for jolly days...and for a fun trip down the yule slide

-luke has figured out how to pull himself up to standing...and i seriously can't take my eyes off the little dude for a second before he is into any and everything...except for what he is allowed to have, of course!

-i'm enjoying a glimmer of hope that we will soon have only one babe left in diapers as jillian is doing better and better at this potty thing each day...we've had a few successful "out and about in undies at public places" adventures

-i'm a bit advent over-ambitious this year (are you surprised...probably not!)...we are working our way through our devotional with the felt tree and ornaments (and i love that elizabeth really is getting it so, so much this year...kate too...but it is amazing to see the insight elizabeth has!). and we are working through a paper chain with the names of a day as we count down. and, of course, we are enjoying our muffin tins advent and some daily fun as a family. :) jilly is really into talking about "baby Jesus"...and trying to sing along with anything we sing...and luke just enjoys dancing along. :)

and now to get some lunch together for those wild kiddos...who might have had time to disasterize the entire upstairs (the perils of allowing jilly to join them for play time--but, truthfully, elizabeth and kate make a pretty decent mess without 2 year old help as well) while i was trying to figure out this photo upload issue and write a short post....

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