Tuesday, December 27, 2011

winter performance

on the night of elizabeth's winter performance some sweet friends were willing to watch jilly and luke so that we could enjoy some alone time with kate and have a less interrupted viewing of the performance. :) we took kate to dinner while elizabeth had rehearsal at the church...and, oh my, kate ate up all the attention...sweet girl so rarely gets both daddy and mommy all to herself!

then we headed to the church to watch the performance.

here is libs with her friend chelsea...

so grown up!

they sang jingle bells with the 1st graders...elizabeth got to ring the bells, and then they recited the poem they have been memorizing all semester, "The Statue of Liberty for Kids".

afterward we attempted some pics while they were dressed up...attempted is the key word! ;)

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Rebecca said...

all of your new posts are great! the kids are getting so big! those pillow animal things are huge! they look like a lot of fun. the big hits around here was talking jessie dolls from great granny, lala loopsy dolls from memaw, and capes that i made them. glad you had a great December!