Thursday, April 9, 2009


well...tuesday slipped by...and then wednesday...and here it is thursday without posting any smiles. to be honest, i'm too tired to form the past week into instead, i will simply share with you some snippets of the "going-ons" at our house.

-elizabeth and i just finished coloring eggs...she had a blast dipping them into all of the different colors, which resulted in some vibrantly colored eggs! i love katers, but lets just say this was a much easier project for mama to manage while kate was sleeping!

-one of the girls recent favorite activities is changing their babies' diapers. i gave them each a real newborn sized diaper...and oh my, they are having a blast....even elizabeth (who usually has very little interest in baby dolls...except to be possessive of hers when kate gets anywhere near it!). needless to say, we have lots of nakie babies around our house right now...stuck mid-diaper change.

-my permanent crown was put on my tooth tuesday afternoon...and i am happy to report that i made it through the whole crown experience (which freaked me out when the dentist first brought it up--i'm a wimp!) wonderfully!

-we had an ultrasound tuesday morning and were thrilled to see baby waving at us and moving all over the place...seriously, this little peanut is quite active, and i am so excited to be feeling that movement regularly now...there's nothing quite like the stirring of a babe in your womb.

-a delightful brunch with girlfriends on monday morning...and our little kiddos as well!

-a FABULOUS night out with my dear friend jill. actually mike planned the whole thing for me while i was taking a nap friday afternoon. bless his heart...he knew i'd had a long week and was feeling a bit overwhelmed and he called jill and scheduled a "date" for the two of us. we met for dinner and then managed (surprise, surprise) to wander over to jo-ann's...where i found some fabulously cute fabric for a baby was a much needed, relaxed evening...reminiscent of the days when jill and i were single and roommates--but we both agreed that as wonderful as our evening out was, we were so thankful to have our husbands and babies to go home to!

-making bread with elizabeth...she is a fabulous kitchen helper!

-beads, beads, beads. elizabeth is in love with fact, after "rest time" this afternoon we're going to work on making a necklace to match her Easter dress!

-a fun MOPS playdate...even if it did end a wee bit early with the climactic event of kate falling backwards off a slide (one of those plastic ones about 2 1/2 feet off the ground) onto the hard floor of the multipurpose room...and event that ended with much crying AND as a result vomiting all over mama...i guess it was one of those "you know you're a mom when...." moments for me!

-the deep and funny conversations we've been having with elizabeth lately. like this one. and yesterday i overheard her saying to miranda, "well, my mommy asked me what i thought we should call the baby if its a girl. but i told her, we don't need a girl name...this baby is going to be my brother." he he...guess we'll find out if shes right in another few months! (as a sidenote, she did concede that if somehow the baby ended up being a girl instead of a brother, we should most definitely name it elizabeth kate....and she is insistent that it wouldn't be the least bit confusing!) LOTS of our conversations lately have been regarding the it is growing in my tummy, what its eating, how she will help when its born, and on and on. she tells EVERYONE about it...the grocery clerk, the lady at the minute clinic at CVS when we were getting her ears checked Sunday, the lady in front of us in line at wal-mart this morning.

-kate's first painting experience. it started out as q-tip painting, turned into finger painting, and then turned into "let's paint our hands instead of paper"

-these are just two of kate's favorite dolls and snacks...and i simply love this shot--kate sharing her snack with baby...

-God's graciousness and kindness in the ups and downs each week brings....especially the last few! :)


Nancy M. said...

The girls are so cute! That is so sweet how she knows it's going to be a boy.

Rebecca said...

enjoyed your snippets and pictures. so glad you made it through the crown experience so well. there is definitely nothing like feeling your baby move in the fave part of pregnancy! love the conversations libs is fun your hubby planned a girls night for love love the photo of kate and her baby. sounds like some great smiles in the midst of craziness and being oh so tired.

diashermosos said...

I love reading about your girls! It sounds like the perfect week:)

Aminta said...

So sweet. I always enjoy coming to see you. :)
Off to make bread for the beginning of the week, and rolls for tomorrow.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Love that picture of Kate, it's a keeper for sure!

That was so sweet of Mike to set up a date. Last week my good friend and I took her mom's little bug convertible for a spin to run an errand and it was just like the old days of girl fun and freedom...but oh you are right, I am so thankful that I get to go home to my hubby and babies!

Happy Easter Amanda!