Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ten smile tuesday

1. the results of my crafting time last week...i can share now that they've been gifted to the recipient! :) also fun that at the shower another girl had made some embellished burp cloths...and she just happened to use the same dot fabric i did...so they coordinated....how fun is that!? :)

2. baking monster cookies with my little helpers...i felt like i'd conquered the world after having all three girls up on chairs and actually helping! and besides, they tasted really good!

3. kate's first piggy tails!

4. fabulously warm and sunny weather...for lots of outside time!

5. enjoying a glorious date night with my hubby...free of childcare costs thanks to our lovely date night babysitting swap! now that everything is up and running we should end up with two date nights a months and one night per month of watching the other two couples kiddos (5 extra kids total...ranging from 3 months to 4 years). i will admit that we did end up enjoying dessert at costco...i mean, really, they do have the best ice cream desserts ever...and you can't beat the price!

6. grilling out...and capping off the meal with fresh strawberry shortcake...yum-mo! and what could be sweeter than watching elizabeth and kate giggle with glee as they used their spoons to play peek-a-boo with one another!

7. a fun and friend filled saturday...a relaxing morning at home, a delicious and fun cook-out lunch with friends, and then a baby shower....fun times!

8. air conditioning...i'm not going to lie...my prego self was toasty, sweaty, and ready for some cooling down in the evenings over the past few days...so yes, we did it, turned on the A/C in april! but in my defense, it did feel a lot more like july than april! :)

9. a last minute decision to head to the zoo yesterday morning when the weather surprised us with one more day of sunny warmth before the rain. i loved the special time with my two favorite girlies...and though we usually use our +2 part of the membership to invite guests, it was kind of refreshing to just go by ourselves...gave me more time to focus on libs and kate. and kate was SO into the animals...especially the bears and elephants...and the ducks...of course! i think she could have watched the bears all day (thats what she is checking out in the first and last pic).

10. perhaps the most amazing animal-ish thing i've witnessed...a swimming elephant. seriously, he was completely submerging himself...and the only thing separating us from this bathing beauty was the fence...seriously, he was no more than 3 feet from us. WOW! even the zoo employee was in awe, saying she'd never seen one of the elephant submerge himself quite like that!

11. and last but not least...i'm really looking forward to tasting the cake i made for dessert with some friends this evening. its called a tres leche cake...and i think it is going to be seriously yummy...but i'll let y'all know after we test it out! ***update...it was SO good...rich and creamy with a hint of cinnamon flavor...it got a thumbs up from everyone. that said, i promise to post the recipe soon...but be forewarned it is far from being "light"....


Nancy M. said...

Strawberry shortcake sounds yummy right now. I don't think I've seen an elephant do that either. Maybe he thought he was a hippo?

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I need to try that going to the zoo with just my girls thing. I always go with someone else, hmmm, maybe it would give me more chance to focus on them! Good thinking!

Dessert sounds delish! Must post recipe!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Looking forward to the cake recipe! :) Sounds wonderful.

Wasn't the weather amazing last weekend?? Oh I miss it already. Looks like you had lots of fun in it.

Cottage Mommy said...

Sounds like a very fun week...jealous of your warm weather and trip to the zoo! Looked like a lot of fun! Cute little hoodie towel and taggie blankie too!

Lisa said...

don't you just love spring - it makes for so many great smiles!!!
can't wait for the recipe.....