Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ten (err...twelve) smile tuesday...

here are some of our smiles from the past week...well, at least the ones i didn't already share in my "snippets" post the other day. i think most of these actually go through the week backwards since that is how the pics uploaded into the post.

1. my Easter present....a newly mounted over the range microwave. mike gifted me with the microwave a few months back, but we had to tear out a cabinet and do some new wiring to actually hang it, so it was just hanging out on the counter. well, thanks to mike and our friend chris, it took its place above the stove after our Easter lunch! i'm SOOO excited about my extra counter space (although i randomly go to microwave something...say the heating pad for my achin' back...and momentarily think, "wait, who stole the mircowave!"...yep, pregnancy and the girls have completely sucked my brain away!)

2. old cabinet=new toy...is there anything more exciting for a three and a half year old and one and a half year old!?

3. a tasty Easter lunch and great fellowship with friends. we ended up having our friends chris and chrisy (and their sweet almost 1 year old daughter) over for Easter lunch. mike grilled lamb, chrisy brought potatoes and green bean casserole, and we even managed to save/make room for dessert...strawberry pretzel jell-o salad. yumm-o!

4. Jesus is ALIVE! what a blessing to go to church Sunday morning and worship with brothers and sisters in Christ. and oh what a blessing to hear elizabeth's little voice starting to "get" and repeat "He is risen INDEED!".

5. the girls in their matching Easter dresses.

a smile from elizabeth....and then one from kate (not sure what is with libs expression in the second one..but i love the pic anyway!)

they are doing ring-around-the rosy here...gotta love the candid smiles! i need to look back on these on days/minutes when they aren't playing so happily together!

6. egg hunting...they officially did some egg hunting inside Saturday morning (since it was chilly!), but in the afternoon we tossed the eggs across the yard and had at it again. kate was the egg hunter extraordinare...she ran around like crazy shouting "ball!", plucking up eggs and plopping them into her bunny basket (my grandpa and ethel sent the baskets as a gift...so cute...a monkey for libs and a bunny for kate)....and to think, i wasn't sure kate was going to "get it".

7. it is never too chilly for a green ice pop. aunt kim brought the girls one of those make-your-own popsicle thingies...and elizabeth was thrilled to make popsicles...green, of course. and the poor girl was beside herself waiting for them to freeze all the way! nevermind that it was cold enough outside for jackets saturday afternoon, she savored that ice pop just like it was a mid-summer afternoon!

8. a visit from aunt kim and grandma and grandpa (mike's sister and parents). kim had Good Friday off and was able to come to town, and we enjoyed a fun visit saturday morning...brunch at our house and then lunch at one of our local favorites.

9. this was the first year we did Easter baskets...but when grandpa and ethel gave us the cutie baskets i couldn't resist filling them with some odds and ends. kate was quite thrilled by the mrs. potato head in hers!

10. monkey bread...elizabeth helped me shake the biscuits in the sugar and cinnamon...and then was delighted, of course (as were we all), to partake in the ooey-gooey goodness saturday morning at brunch!

11. a "date" with elizabeth. mike wasn't feeling well at all friday afternoon, so he decided to stay home with kate while i took elizabeth to the Good Friday evening service at church. it was a nice chance to spend some one on one time with elizabeth...not to mention, enjoy a fabulous church service, remember Christ's suffering and sacrifice for us. and, any "date" needs to end with yummy dessert (at least as far as a 3 year old is concerned...so we hit wendy's for a frosty on the way home!).

12. and finally...i'm just lovin' how much elizabeth LOVES to help around the house...doing ANYTHING i ask her to, as if it is the most interesting and spectacular thing EVER. i was mopping friday and gave her a pack of cleaner wipes. she scrubbed around all the baseboards and under the edge of the cabinets and then proceeded to clean the front of the oven, dishwasher, and the "mugho level" of the patio door. gotta love my helper!


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Oh my! Those Easter dresses - and the smiles to go with them - are the sweetest things!

Jay is starting to really love helping me around the house, just like you explained Elizebeth is doing. Isn't it the best! He is really helping me now instead of douling the work like it used to be. :)

As always friend, very much enjoyed the smiles.

Rebecca said...

love your smiles. and pictures. my fave pics are the ones of libs and kate doing ring around the rosy...so precious! and such cute dresses.

Aminta said...

So wonderful!
The smiles, the dresses, the microwave, the little helper. So wonderful.
I have two messy kids, and the littlest is messy but ADORE cleaning. Boy am I thankful for that!

Nancy M. said...

The girls are so cute together, you'd think they never fight. But, I'm sure they do, lol!

You do have the best helper ever!

Hunter liked looking for eggs the second time, but he got bored after about 4 eggs.

Little Candle said...

I love these smiles!
Thinking of your so much sweet friend! How are you feeling?

Lisa said...

those dresses are adorable - there is just something about little girls in matching outfits, melts my heart!
And your Easter looks fantastic, especially the monkey bread - one of my favs!!!

How are you feeling?

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Did you make those dresses?? They are adorable!

Yay for a new over the stove microwave - I remember when I got mine I was so thrilled - I have no counter space the way it is so having it on the counter was just not an option.

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I love the girls' Easter dresses, Amanda! They are soo cute! It sounds like they are just growing up so fast! Elizabeth is so cute, wanting to help her Momma out :) So glad you all had a wonderful Easter, and of course looved all these smiles!!

Leslie said...

your smiles always make me smile... always. never fail.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Lilla loves to help around the house too. A little too much sometimes, but God bless her, I just know she wants to do whatever mom is doing. It's really quite cute.

Adorable dresses and Easter baskets. Got to love it!

Aren't Easter egg hunts fun? Lilla loved them. She wants to do it again and again and again!