Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ten smile tuesday

as i sit to post my smiles and look back on the pictures i'm actually amazed to think i took these pictures just days ago...as right now it is chilly, chilly out again and drizzly, and this morning we had to dig out MUCH warmer clothing and jackets and forego the sandals for our trip to target. (although, to be honest, i don't mind right now...as it is helping me get some things accomplished inside without feeling like i'm "missing out" on the sunshine).

1. garden progress. we've been planning to have a garden for the past two years...we've even had it marked out and ready...but it hasn't happened. BUT this year is our year...we already have seeds...and friday mike rented a roto-tiller and got the garden tilled. now we just need to get some soil, and voila...we WILL have fresh veggies this summer. HOORAY!

2. lots of fun time outside. we've been grilling, swinging, sliding, chasing balls, sidewalk chalking, and bubble blowing. this pic captures one of my favorite moments though...elizabeth pushing kate in the swing...precious moments (that aren't necessarily always the norm....).

3. "sunnies". elizabeth used to call sunglasses "eyes", but apparently this summer they are to be known as "sunnies"...not sure where she came up with that, but i love it. kate was clamoring for her own pair...so i busted out this old pair from when libs was a baby. they're a bit small, but kate found them hilarious...belly laughs burst from her whenever she has them on. LOVE it!

4. ending a fabulously sunny saturday with a tasty bowl of ice cream...and, of course, sharing that pleasure with the girls. and then, once the girls were in bed, relaxing with my hubby and watching a funny movie...lots of laughing, lots of simply enjoying and savoring a fabulous day.

5. officially hitting the 20 week mark of pregnancy. (we hit 21 weeks tomorrow). i must say that i feel as though i'm as prego at 20 weeks as i was at 30 weeks the previous two pregnancies...and yet, i have gained far less weight this time around (and am in general feeling great). it is strange how different things have been this time...food aversion and ickiness at the beginning (whereas before i felt fabulous the entire first trimester and could eat anything)...and now feeling great at the point where i was starting to have an intense aversion to certain foods (namely chicken!).

6. kind of a follow-up on #4...but deserves a smile all its own. elizabeth and kate already can't get enough of the baby. they love to kiss the baby, adorn it with stickers, and love on it. i frequently see those two little faces peering up at my belly (in fact in the above picture of kate she is doing just that...saying, "baby! baby!" and patting my tummy). elizabeth seems to have gotten over her fear of "hurting the baby" (she didn't want to sit on my lap for quite awhile) and now loves to snuggle up and hug my belly, putting her face right on my belly, and talking to the baby. it is beyond precious! yesterday she said, "baby...i think it's time for you to come out!"

7. a bittersweet smile. the blooms have finally popped out on the tree we planted in remembrance of the baby we lost this fall. while i am so incredibly thankful for and in awe of the life God is knitting together in my womb at this very moment...and for His incredible plan even in miscarriage, i must admit that it is still emotional and sad to reflect on this baby we didn't get to meet this side of heaven...to realize that he/she would have been due in less than a month. i am praising God for the beauty of these blooms...reminding us of the lessons He taught us during that time of trial and suffering, reminding us of His faithfulness, reminding us of that dear, sweet baby that we hoped for, dreamed about, and love so fully and incredibly.

8. a successful bread batch. our home-milled wheat hasn't been the easiest to work with, resulting in many frustrating, less than perfect batches of bread...so i just had to share my success--two perfect loaves...chewy, soft, and flavorful. the girls and i definitely enjoyed our PB&Js for lunch yesterday...on bread that was still a bit warm and fresh from the oven...yum!

9. this moment. elizabeth and kate peering out the window, longing for sunny warmth instead of the rain. elizabeth actually did sing, "rain, rain go away...come again another day." notice her tank top...in spite of the 50 degree temps...i had a quite productive weekend switching out the girls clothes...in with the spring and summer, out with the winter....

10. the promise of some sewing! what better way to spend a rainy spring morning than running a few errands...and one errand just happened to drop us right next to jo-anns...and i just happened to have TONS of coupons for the daffodil days sale...and i just happened to leave the store with some projects to work on this evening! mike has his monthly Gideon's meeting, meaning i will have a quiet evening to break out the sewing machine and create, create, create! the picture is what i purchased today...perhaps next week i will have some pictures of finished projects to share! :)

11. last but not least (even if i did forget to mention before posting this the first time!)....a delightful date with my hubby at our annual MOPS banquet. tasty eats, good company, and a motivating, encouraging, challenging message from pastor mark. definitely good stuff!


Lisa said...

20 weeks already - amazing, and your belly is adorable!!!

At least we had nice weather over the weekend, huh - springtime in the Midwest = lots and lots of ups and downs....

And congrats on the garden! We are trying out our green thumb for the first time this year too - over the weekend we planted onions, raspberries, and blueberries - lets hope it is a success.... Any tips for a first timer?

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Lilla loves to do that rain rain go away too! She thinks it's hilarious!

We built our raised garden this week too. Our garden last year got flooded so I'm starting over with new soil and having it higher this year. Hopefully it will have a great yield!

Glad you had a good date night, such fun to have those special times!

Leslie said...

20 weeks... oh wow... thats exciting. Chelle and I were curious when your finding it out what is hiding tucked away in there.. :)

and so many other smiles, dates, bittersweet blooms, happy girlies, and more.... what could be better?

Rebecca said...

love the smiles. ooh..a garden...so jealous! the pictures of your girls are adorable. your baby belly is adorable (i felt that nadia's was much bigger than the first two pregancies as well..). so fun that libs and kate are so excited about the baby.
the blooms on the tree in memory of your baby are beautiful. i too still think of our lost baby and am sad. i'm so thankful for God's faithfulness.
hope the coming week is wonderful and you get some crafting done. i'm still having trouble finding the time to do the crafting i want. it'll come.

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I can't believe that you are already twenty weeks! It goes by so quickly, but I am so glad that you are feeling good!
We have already started our garden and now I am wishing that we would have waited until maybe the first of May, cause we are experiencing such cold and drizzly weather as well! Where is SPRING!!?? lol

Such lovely smiles, Elizabeth, your girls are growing so fast, it seems like each week they are learning and growing and becoming more beautiful all the time!

Nancy M. said...

The girls are so sweet loving on the baby! Good luck with your garden!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I so love belly pictures! Glad you shared. :) It's adorable!

And those girls of yours! They are so very photogenic.

I love how you explain the way they love the baby. My boys are that way too - especially Jay! It makes it all so much more fun.

I can't wait to see some of yoru projects take shape! I always love to see what you create!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Look at all your green grass! Amazing! I miss that SO much about Indiana...

Your bread is beautiful, and I can only imagine that it tastes even better. Nice job!

Halfway there, girl - isn't it such a miracle to have a perfect little being inside of you?

Cottage Mommy said...

What a fun little run down of your goings on. (Is that even a word?) Such cute pictures too! I can't believe you are 20 weeks! Where does the time go? Other people's pregnancies always go faster than your own of course! Amazing that your little one is getting it so much. I think my Addison is older than her and I really don't know if she grasps what is going on with Mommy's belly! She will know soon enough though! Have a great evening..hope the sewing went well!