Friday, September 25, 2009

one month...

we had jillian's one month well-child check up this afternoon...

...did i mention that it was in the middle of kate's naptime?

...did i mention that i completely planned poorly and didn't have time to drop kate off at our friend's house who had agreed to watch her/let her nap there during the appointment?

...did i mention that i ended up taking all three girls to said appointment in the middle of a friday afternoon?

...did i mention that it was kate's naptime? (he he)

...did i mention that when the nurse asked if i would like to go ahead with the big girls flu shots while we were already all there, i said "yes"? (big chuckle)

...did i mention just how loud a room can be when not one, not two, but THREE girls are crying after being poked with a needle?

...did i mention it was the middle of kate's naptime?

...did i mention that just seconds after her shot and her ensuing barrage of wailing, kate stopped mid-cry, and said as clear as day, "sucker please!"...remembering the fabulous treat she would surely receive at the check-out counter for being a "brave girl"? apparently dum-dum suckers cure all ills...although after finishing her sucker elizabeth announced, " sucker didn't make me feel better. i think i need another treat."...good try, sweet girl...good try!

...did i mention that on the way home i might have rewarded myself by swinging by happy hour at sonic to pick up a strawberry limeade?

in other news...the lack of nap and shots are resulting in an early bedtime for two wiped out girls (who are currently giggling huge belly laughs as daddy tickles them and parades them around on his back for horsey-rides)...and that means bonus time to spend with the hubs (and jillian...).

and, for those who are interested in the "stats"....

jillian was a healty 10 lbs. 12 oz (90th percentile) and 22 3/4 inches long (95th percentile)...her head also happens to be the in 90th she is quite "balanced". :)

kate weighed in at 31 1/2 lbs.....and elizabeth topped the scales at 34 1/2 lbs...a mere 3 lbs heavier than her 2 year younger sister.

...and now i think i hear the bath-tub calling for two girlies...and jillian is sure to be waking up and hungry very i should be going...


Nancy M. said...

Wow! Jillian and Kate are really growing good, lol! Kate weighs almost 5 pounds more than Hunter. He's always been on the low end of the weight charts. I can't blame Elizabeth for trying to get another treat!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Ohhh Amanda!!! What a day. I sympathize with you and have certainly had my days like that. Middle of nap time + shots.... *shudder*


I hope you get some good rest dear friend. And so glad to hear that Jillian is growing wonderfully!

Jamie said...

"sucker please!" that's hysterical!! you are a brave mama!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Oh, goodness! You are such a brave mama! This literally made me laugh out loud, though - especially the "sucker please" and the "I think I need another one"! Smart little girls you've got there. :)

Go, Jillian - she's growing like a little weed!

Rebecca said...

oh boy, what a day! so glad that day is done for you :).
i love that kate stopped her crying to ask for a sucker...and that libs tried getting cute and funny! and definitely love that you stopped for a strawberry limeade (YUM!) deserved it!!
sounds like jillian is growing great! yea!