Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ten smile tuesday

smiles to share! hopefully i will actually finish this and get it posted before tuesday is over!

1. a fabulous week of help from my mom!

2. meeting poppy at the children's museum for a day of fun...see my previous post for some pictures!

3. seeing the girls' excitement to check out poppy's big yellow bus! (again, see the previous post for pictures)

4. three sleeping girlies on our way home from the lake. seriously...it was a delightful 2 1/2 hours of conversation and togetherness for mike and me after a LONG week with him working LOTS of overtime on a big project. i especially love that kate fell asleep with her blanket completely covering her...head, face, and all...

5. these adorable dresses G.G. found and gave the "big" girls...not to mention the gorgeous baby afghan she knit for little jillian! i also am smiling that elizabeth and kate actually are in a picture together...with smiles and NOT hurting each other! :)

6. this growing girl who is already 2 weeks old...which BLOWS my mind! and yes, that is kate's hand in the picture...she loves touching and kissing and "loving" on her "baby".

7. introducing jillian to many more family members...aunt shell and G.G....and also my cousins, matt and mike, and uncle and aunt. i think she most definitely enjoyed snuggling with her new friends!

8. our brief, but relaxing and fun, visit to the lake on monday. i am so thankful mike was able to finally enjoy a day off and make the trip with us. libs and kate had fun fishing ("uncle" matt--he's really my cousin--even made kate her very own fishing pole out of a stick, fishing line and a bobber!), playing in the sand, swinging, and otherwise enjoying their very favorite "home away from home"....we also celebrated G.G.'s birthday, and ever since kate has been "singing" happy birthday to G.G...and is quite proud of herself.

9. did i already mention this little girlie...i think i did...but it bears repeating. isn't she just the sweetest. and oh how her little cheeks are plumping right back up as the formula and supplementing packs the pounds back on. by the way...thank you all for your prayers, words of encouragement, etc. after praying, seeking mike's wisdom and leadership, AND considering our very active kate and elizabeth (especially after finding kate sans diaper in the midst of causing some mayhem around the house while i tried to nurse, give a supplemental bottle, and pump in an effort to increase my milk supply!) we have decided to switch to bottles. i'm still able to get about half of what she needs by pumping for about 10 minutes 5 or 6 times a day...and beyond that, i am simply trusting God and remembering that He answers ALL of our prayers...even the ones that are answered "no". (again...see my last post if you haven't already). as a note...thanks to those who suggested a lactation consultant or other ways to increase my supply...we actually spent the first fourth months of kate's life meeting with breastfeeding groups, lactation consultants, buying herbal supplements, eating oats, drinking pineapple juice and beer, and so on and so forth...to no avail...hence my decision to forego that route this time. but i am so thankful for your loving suggestions and feedback...i love being loved through the internet...it is quite amazing! and i suppose i am smiling about that fact!

10. two successful "solo" outings with all three girls...to church sunday morning and to Bible study this morning. mike had to work sunday so he could have monday off...but i decided i would go ahead and go with all three girls, and we made it! :) i must admit, this morning i had extra hands because of my sweet friend jill...but still, we did it! not that i am ready to tackle the grocery store or anything...its baby steps!

11. i should mention being excited to have started a new Bible study this morning at church. i'm doing the beth moore "esther" study and am quite excited! :)


Long Family Chronicles said...

I feel your pain about bfing! Right there with ya! Life was better after I gave it to the Lord and supplemented. Much less stress on me and was able to enjoy Sophia. I am still nursing her, but she only gets a few ounces from me, rest from the bottle... I probably couldn't do what I am now with two other kids!!! Your faith is very encouraging! Thanks for sharing!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Amanda, I am so glad to see a post from you! I was just (like literally a few minutes ago) thinking about you and wanted to get in touch to see how you are doing.

You "sound" great! I am so glad that you have peace about Jillian's eating. I so whole heartedly support the decision you have made!! -As I would have for any decision you would have made in the situation, but I just know you must feel much relief. You have a busy household and cutting back on any kind of stress is going to be beneficial to you! :)

Wow is Jillian growing so already! I love seeing pictures of her.

Rebecca said...

amanda, you are my hero! i can't believe all the posting you are doing here on your blog. nadia is almost 7 months and i still can't keep up!! anywho. i'm so glad you've got a great feeding plan for jillian. been praying for you.
sounds like your first solo outings have gone well. i know how those first few times are. even now they are sometimes chaotic, ha! and i totally hear you on the pic with libs and kate. liberty and leila are always fighting and whatnot, so i savor times they are actually smiling, giggling and playing together. love love love the photo of kate sleeping in the car...precious!
the beth moore bible study on esther sounds intriguing.
and oh sweet jillian...she is beyond precious and growing so much already!
praying for you all this week. watch your mailbox!

Nancy M. said...

Wow! They all slept on the way home? That is unbelievable! They must have been worn out, lol! Love the pictures and the smiles! It's good to hear she's gaining weight again!