Monday, December 21, 2009

december in pictures

what have we been doing? well...its been a full month already...i haven't taken much time to here is the month in pictures ( least the past couple of weeks!).

i've been sewing little "somethings" here and there....

we enjoyed a tasty "Thanks-mas" dinner with our flock group!

the girls have had LOTS of Christmas tree sandwiches (and bells...and snowmen...and...and...)

see...we're smiling! (actually...this is more of a laugh)

spending time with friends...this time we were cutting out dough ornaments!

rolling out sugar cookie dough...

...and cutting out the cookies (and frosting and eating them...)

someone might have found her thumb...which mommy might have promptly removed (after taking a pic, of course!) and replaced with a paci...because we just might be fighting a "stop sucking your thumb" battle with a "not to be named" two year old at the moment...ugh!

and did i mention smiling....and growing WAY.TOO.QUICKLY! she will be four months on Christmas eve...what in the world!


...followed by crying. no, seriously...i feel like this picture perfectly captures life...for real! love my little kater gator...but man, oh man, she can go from CRAZY happy giggles to CRAZY meltdown in a matter of no time. (this group shot below and the solo shot of kate above were taken within 5 minutes of each other)

making a huge mess of scrapping material while creating muffin tin advent calendars with some fabulous friends...they'll obviously be using theirs next year...we have been enjoying ours this year...and i'm planning to make some to add to my etsy shop or sell to some friends.

standing on the porch in the snow...about ten seconds before the drama tears broke out. someone didn't really dig the snow...

...but someone else REALLY enjoyed the snow...making angels...

...building a teeny, tiny, mini snowman

dressed up in their Christmas "finery"...are you wondering where kate is in this picture?

...oh...there she is!

the best we could capture!

sissy kisses!

with some help from my little elves (err...girls) i've been making some snowmen. thanks for the inspiration jill and carrie!

lovin' on this little goomba...i knit her little hat this past weekend...and, oh my, i can't enough of a baby in a hat. yum!

...and making crock-pot playdoh...and chocolate covered pretzels (oi...messy with little fingers)...enjoying our advent devotional calendar....wrapping, wrapping, wrapping (its all wrapped and ready to go--hooray!)...looking forward to heading to the lake thursday morning. it has been a great month so far...not without its share of tantrums or trials...but we've sure had fun!

now i should get myself around and ready. the girls and i are going to make some little treats, and then i am headed to a tea room with the lovely ladies of my flock group...while a few of the men of the flock group watch all of our many, many small children...14 kiddos represented by 4 one on the mission field and one in a mama's belly...oh my!


Long Family Chronicles said...

I love the new look of the blog Amanda. Did someone do it for you?

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Loved all of the little peaks into your life. :)
You have been so creative and crafty lately! I especially LOVE the little hat you knit. Yummy is right...!! :)
Merry Christmas Amanda. You have really blessed my life.

Amanda said... bloggity friend jackie did it. she has a blog design business called "memories by design"...she is fabulous!

Nancy M. said...

Wonderful pictures! My 2 year old can go from happy to screaming in 1 second flat! He still sucks on his thumb too. His brother did also until he was 4. I figure he'll stop eventually.

Rebecca said...

i love it all! the tiny snowman, the smiles, the crafty-yumminess, and even the tears. leila is much like kate in that regard.
merry christmas to you and your sweet family. enjoy your family time!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Wow! You guys have had a busy and productive month! Makes me feel like such a slug with only two little ones. Although the littlest of which does not let me stop for a moment, whew that child likes to be held! LOL

Anyway, I hope you and the fam have a really wonderful Christmas my friend. Have fun with your family up North, enjoy!!