Thursday, December 3, 2009


what we've been up to...

~meeting daddy to chow down on costco hotdogs for lunch after MOPS

~enjoying some mommy time out...or, for daddy, enjoying his first night solo with all three girls

~painting masterpieces~
...i have a picture...but for some reason it keeps uploading sideways...ugh!

~kate is officially sleeping in her big girl might have taken returning her to her bed fourteen or so times before she actually stayed...but, hey, it is the end result that counts...right!? score one for persistence!

~jillian has mastered the art of rolling from her tummy to her back...she especially likes to show this skill off in the middle of the night...and then cry frantically until someone comes to roll her back onto her tummy. she flipped herself over at naptime this afternoon, and i made her stay like that...and she is finally sleeping soundly on her back...but it tooks some tears. sweet baby girl, i love you, but you flip yourself, you live with the results...hmm...that sounds cruel...but seriously...

~enjoying our advent calendar and devotional book...we made this as a MOPS creative activity this fabulous!

~celebrating december with some family fun and our muffin tin advent. we filled the 24 holes with an activity for each day...on the 1st we made homemade hot cocoa mix to enjoy throughout the month. of course, we also enjoyed a mugful! yesterday we made sock and rice snowmen (i'll share a picture once they are done)...we had rice everywhere when we were done, but the girls had a blast filling the sock with rice! tonight we'll be watching "frosty" and eating popcorn (with extra friends since it is our turn to watch the date swap kiddos). so fun to intentionally spend time not only reflecting on Jesus through our advent calendar but also be intentional about our family activities!

~addressing Christmas cards and finishing up some shopping online

~lest you think jillian is missing out on the fun....never fear...she is in the Christmas spirit! and at he moment she is crying mid-nap...poor little turtle, trapped on her back...perhaps mama should go give you a "mercy flip". :)

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Rebecca said...

sounds like some great times, amanda!! your girls are so sweet. love the muffin tin creative!