Friday, December 4, 2009

milestones and randoms...

i know...lots of posts lately...realizing i need to take the time to jot down the "little" things i want to remember... elizabeth-isms...she calls the big red guy "santa club"...and is quite obsessed with the movie "toy story" (gotta like free kid movie rentals at family video!) and the guy she calls "boz lightyour"

...or milestones like our little tummy sleeper finally realizing she could, in fact, continue sleeping rather than screaming and flailing like a trapper turtle, when she rolls onto her back. and that rolling onto her back thing is a constant now...she also manages to snake her arm through the crib slats no more where we put her down in the crib.

...or milestones like kate officially making the move to her big girl bed. yesterday morning she came bursting (and i mean BURSTING) into my room at 6:30 in the morning, beaming with pride and telling me how she slept in her "dot bed" (her big girl bed has dot sheets). last night she fell sound asleep without needing one reminder to say in the bed, and this morning she was still there, laughing and giggling with her sister until i opened the door to get them up around 7:45. my favorite is that she chose a Gideon New Testament as a sleeping companion...that's what the little brown book next to her is. this morning her first request was that i read her some Bible. precious!

...or these outtakes. i was attempting to get a photo of jillian with the tree in the background. then elizabeth asked if she could hold jillian...and then kate wanted a turn....and then i thought, oh my, a picture of all three together would be grand. HA! :) the first pic summarizes that attempt...a not-so-cooperative elizabeth, cheeseball kate, and slipping further down from sissy's grip jillian! the second just tells it all...LOVE that look on jillian's face!


Rebecca said...

i love all of your recent posts!! enjoyed all of the tidbits in this post. i just love the things kids say and how they say much fun! and how precious that kate chose a Bible to sleep with...i love it!! and the photo of jillian with her little arm around the crib so cute. and of course the last so precious. seriously!!
and yes, we must make meeting up work out, especially if we do leave michigan. jonathan is supposed to retake that part of his test next week maybe...or the week after. then we'll know more.

Nancy M. said...

Cute pictures! I love the new header, especially all the pink!