Tuesday, June 1, 2010

...buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks...

mike scored some free (and really good!) tickets to an Indians games (our local minor league baseball team) from work. some lovely friends agreed to let jilly nap at their house so we wouldn't have a tired, melty 9 month old at a hot, mid-afternoon baseball game. and off we went. this was the girls' first sporting event...and it just so happened to be the first super hot day of the year...and i do mean super hot...like 90 and brilliantly sunny.

daddy and his girls heading across the bridge on our walk to the stadium (elizabeth was so excited that the game was in her "favorite big city"...he he!

our seats were really good...just back from third base in the second row!

we brought lots of snacks and drinks (although apparently we should have brought an entire cooler full of water...seriously people, it was H-O-T!)

we finally moved back to some empty seats in the shade...and broke out the homemade "cracker jacks"

and when all else failed and our distracted little pumpkins got stir crazy we walked over to the zoo, enjoyed the spray park there, and then visited the nice cool oceans exhibits. :)