Wednesday, June 23, 2010

while the big girls are away...

libs and kate are having a fabulous time at preschool day camp this week (and jilly naps for 2 1/2 of the hours they are in camp!) what have i been doing? painting, finally! i spent monday and tuesday priming (painting over a dark red wall is a bit tedious!) and painting the kitchen and living room. the walls are now a bright and cheery yellow..."sunrise beach" to be specific. in the next month or so mike will be doing the cabinets and countertops (painting the cabinets white and replacing the countertops with new butcher block countertops). actually, he has already started the tedious painting process...he finished painting our new cabinets we'll be adding to create a "peninsula" off our current cabinets...more cupboard and drawer space AND more counter space! i am eager to see the finished product...but with a full-time job for mike and three actives girlies progress can be a bit slow...but it will definitely be worth the wait!

and...since i finished the painting during the first two days of camp, i'm able to enjoy some mommy time the rest of the week...lunch and hanging out time with two sweet friends today, some "me" time tomorrow, and another "date" with a friend friday (and then a lunch date with my hubby before their camp "program"....and, might i add that my daughters are being fabulously secretive. when i ask them what they did at camp elizabeth keeps telling me that i will get to see it in the "show" on friday...he he! AND, though they often like to bicker at home (or ALL the way to camp in the car this morning!), miss charlotte tells me that they are getting along famously while at camp. no, honestly, they do fairly well at home MOST of the time and are growing better and better each day...but we definitely have LOTS of selfish moments and arguments...but i am SO thankful they do truly love one another and delight in giggling and playing and enjoying each other. (and i am being thankful for their good behavior outside of our house!)

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Rebecca said...

looks nice, amanda! love the color!