Wednesday, June 23, 2010

splashing with daddy

i know, father's day came and father's day went....and i never posted anything about how much i love and appreciate the fathers in my life. i them and appreciate them. God blessed me with an incredible who got down to my level and did life with me...i vividly remember playing catch in the backyard and all the years he coached my softball teams. i remember the day he taught me to drive a stick shift...i remember always knowing without a doubt that he loved me and was proud of me. now it is a privilege to watch him with my girls...his tenderness and delight in them, his silliness and his getting down on their level to play with them...they are blessed to call him their poppy. i love you dad!

and then there is my husband, the father of my three daughters...he is kind and tender. he loves them fiercely. he wrestles and tickles and reads stories. he pushes them on swings. he teaches them. he is amazing. he takes them on dates and is already teaching them diligently that they deserve to be treated with love and respect, as princesses...God's princesses...he is setting an example for them of what they someday should look for in a husband. never did he imagine that he would have three girls (or all the squealing, chattering, and noise that comes with girls!), and yet, God knew what He was doing, and michael is so incredibly soaking it all in and rolling with it! i can safely say that he would be the first to volunteer all the blessings and privileges of being called "daddy" by three little princesses. and i am blessed to be his be encouraged and challenged by him, to walk by his side, to laugh with him. he is pretty incredible, and i am blessed. we have our "moments", but truly it has been an incredible six years and three children!

anyway...kudos if you are still reading...for father's day mike had only one request, that we go to a park. since it was in the high 80s i requested that that park have water. we invited our dear friends and their two boys to join us and had a blast splashing and picnicking and chatting the evening away!

both girls were drenched from head to toe within two minutes of being set free in the sprayers!

kate looks like she is ready to plunge into a deep pool...nope...just a few inches in the "creek"!

even jilly got in on the action!

this moment is priceless...not just because it is sisters enjoying the moment (and one another). you see, all the blue swings were full, and kate was quite upset to not have a blue elizabeth, bless her heart, scooted over and said, "here sissy, there's room for you" and shared the swing. priceless! and, oh my, if you could have heard the giggling and shrieking!

kate and brennan...swinging buddies!


Rebecca said...

sounds like a wonderful father's day.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

That park looks like such fun, where is it?