Tuesday, June 8, 2010


have i mention that as novice gardeners we weren't sure we would be able to grow anything??...so to compensate we planted a lot...and i do mean A LOT!
well, apparently, novice or not (and despite the fact that a lot of people said we would have no success from seeds!) our garden is a' growin'...really growin'!

today was a cool, overcast afternoon, and i spent the girls' rest/naptime in the afternoon weeding, planting some herbs (cilantro, basil, parsley, and oregano) and sunflower seeds (those are in the empty-ish spaces in the foreground of the top picture), and harvesting some of our mesclun greens, spinach, and a big ol' crown of broccoli (and oh my...that made my sweet libber girl SO beyond excited...that girl thinks broccoli is the best food ever!). tonight we enjoyed the bounty of our harvest. i sauteed the broccoli in some garlic and olive oil and then added whole wheat penne pasta and some diced rotisserie chicken we had in our fridge. then we had a side salad with the the greens. it was delightfully fresh and tasty, and there is definitely incredible enjoyment to eating something you have planted and harvested yourself!

our harvest...the broccoli crown looks pretty small, but it actually wasn't...rather the leaves on the broccoli plant are HUGE! once i harvested the crown i was happy to see LOTS more little baby crowns starting to sprout as well!

our ginormous zucchini bush (the spiky grasslike stuff next to it is a leek plant)...and can you find it in the second picture, the little sprouting baby zuke! we actually have several of those zucchinis sprouting.

see our tiny budding baby green pepper!

and sugar snap peas...oh, i can hardly wait to pop one of those in my mouth!

and lettuce...funny story about the lettuce...apparently i should have harvested some lettuce this afternoon as well...but, well, i actually thought the lettuce was an okra plant...i was mixed up in looking at my planting chart. and, well, since i'm a novice i had no idea what okra was supposed to look like, and i just assumed! i thought it looked more like lettuce, and apparently i was right...we'll be enjoying some yummy lettuce tomorrow!

we also have two tomato plants, a couple cucumber plants, a few butternut squash bushes (which are starting to sprout little teeny tiny squashes!), and LOADS of green beans. the final thing we plan to plant are some mini seedless watermelons once the weather gets consistently warm. i can't wait!

i also have a huge post and loads of pictures to post from last weekend at the lake....but that was far more overwhelming than the garden post...so eventually i will get to it, just not tonight!


~beautyandjoy~ said...

YUM. I am so jealous of all you warm weather growers - we are months behind you! But it's really fun to watch your things grow and get excited with you! :) That all looks so delicious!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You really do have quite a crop there. I am impressed and know how much you are enjoying it all! I love the pic of little baby pepper. They will grow like wild fire. Have fun with it all, anxious to hear how your herbs work out! Miss you guys, it is too quiet around here! Had so much fun and looking forward to your photos from the weekend. Love ya, Mom

Leslie said...

OH MY.. you are amazing..
your garden looks HUGE compared to ours, and you did all this from seed. Nick just peeked over my shoulder and he was totally drooling.... that zuchhninni plant is huge, when did you plant it? I knew we were behind but wow... you guys did so so good.... amazing..

Nancy M. said...

Wow! Everything looks awesome! I know how good you feel eating something you've grown! That's great that Elizabeth loves broccoli.

Dawna said...

Your garden is amazing, and so are you, dear lady. As mentioned by Misha and Leslie, we west-coasters are a few months behind but this is a nice sneak-peek to remind us what we have to look forward to. I'll be on summer break soon. Think you'd have time to schedule a phone call with me so we can catch up? I miss you!!!!

Rebecca said...

oh your garden is lovely! everything looks and sounds delicious!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Holy cow, you have everything planted here! That is awesome. You are so going to love having all that fresh stuff on your table. I know we did last year. We did not plant nearly as much as you guys, or as early. It seems our whole garden is taken up by green beans. We must really, really like them. :) Enjoy!