Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day Thirty

today i am thankful for...

...a month of being more intentional in my thinking
...early morning time to prepare for the day
...getting lots of errands run to be ready to go with our december "advent" activities...looking forward to helping focus both myself and my kiddos on Jesus--and the fact that the kids did a great job during said errands
...finding miscellaneous snow gear in all the right sizes so the kiddos could enjoy some outside play...i'm thankful that all those infrequently worn snow pants and boots have come "on the cheap" as hand-me-downs or garage sale steals
...warm soup on a chilly day--and that my thrown together, creative concoction actually tasted good (white bean pork chili)...even better that the kids all cleaned their bowls
...making progress on my Christmas cards...people, i am really going to get them in the mail this year...hooray!
...the daily opportunity to be at home with my children...even on the rough days (and, i'm not going to lie, there have been a lot of them in the past week or so)...but, really, truly, i am thankful i am the one to be there for the little (and the big) moments
...saving 40 cents a gallon on gas for the van
...the ability to go to the bank and draw our monthly is so easy to take this for granted, but the truth is there are so many who don't have that luxury/ability

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