Wednesday, February 1, 2012

hair cuts :)

we are blessed to have a friend who does hair on the side...she is fabulous...and she makes housecalls, which include not only haircuts but also a mini-playdate, since her daughter is one of elizabeth and kate's sweet friends. :)

this was jilly's first haircut...hence the pictures...and then i just couldn't stop, apparently.

elizabeth wanted hers bobbed...and i'll admit, i resisted at first. i liked finally being able to pull it back, braid it, etc., but i decided to go with it. it is, after all, her hair...and a fairly minor battle (as long as she doesn't want bangs...i'm an anti-band kinda girl...too much to keep up with!).

okay...i totally thought i had "after" pics...they are on my iPod...and i'm too lazy to do that right i'll add them later!

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