Wednesday, February 1, 2012


i haven't posted since december...


take that as a sign that it has been crazy around here.

not anything unusual...just the normal, living day to day, crazy.

grocery shopping.
working out.
doing school.
changing diapers.
teaching on Mondays.
grading papers.
waking up early with our early bird.
settling disagreements (i know, i are beyond surprised that my cherubs ever disagree, right?!)
enjoying some evenings out...both with the hubby and with girl friends...some of those evenings might have even been the type where my hubby called one of my friends to make the plans because he knew just how close to the "edge" i know--that edge--i know you've been there! i am.

i almost couldn't login.

i changed my password so my sweet friend jackie could update my pics, etc...and i completely forgot my password.


so, finally i'm getting around to doing some posting.

it is good to back, little blog.

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