Wednesday, February 1, 2012


this "winter" has been rather strange...actually, it has been far more like spring quite often. i'm not complaining! we've been able to go to the park in january and now, on the first day of february...considering last year i was so pregnant i didn't want to move and the end of january and pretty much entire month of february was one ice storm after another, i'd say this has been unseasonal and fabulous!

in january...literally a week after playing in the snow!...i took the big girls to meet some of our favorite friends at a park on a friday afternoon (while daddy was home with the nap-pers...). what fun!

my friend kim is not only fabulous but wise....and her suggestion that we hit happy hour at steak-n-shake was a good one.

would you believe that this was the first time elizabeth and kate have ever been to steak-n-shake?! they were fans...especially of the hats...and, yes, elizabeth wore hers for the next three days straight and was disappointed i wouldn't let her wear it to church. :)

here they are...we actually have 8 kids between us....6 girls and 2 boys...but jilly was napping and missed this girlie party. :)

and these are from our favorite park here in town. lots of fun!

i love that kate is the one pushing him...she loves her luke soooo is precious!

he loved every second of the swinging too!

two little matching hair color heads. :)

love this one! :)

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Rebecca said...

great pics! how nice to be able to hit the park on and off this winter!

liberty would totally love that hat from steak n shake and wear it for days! Mmm...steak n shake sound sreally good now ;)