Wednesday, February 1, 2012

life through the lens of my iPod


a sad horse-rider...she wanted to ride by elizabeth ;)


little dinos

she eventually decided she liked the horse-ride...after a bit of crying

she loves her turban head :)


orange leaf and swimming at the Y with our sweet friends :)

jilly's cut :)

kate's cut

elizabeth's new do

night night! :)

homemade pizza night

its a petshop village...hand-me-downs :)

playing cars means "eating" cars

elizabeth's nifty knitter scarf

model magic!


Rebecca said...

love all the pics. the kids are getting so big! my girls like to do the turban head, too...b/c memaw does it (my mom). and that nifty knitter thing is cool. libbs has been begging me to teach her to knit...but she's not quite ready for that (we've tried). thinking about teaching her the chain part of crocheting (that's about all i know, ha!).

Leslie said...

they are all so gorgeous. I cannot believe you have 4 beautiful blessings!!

Katie said...