Sunday, June 29, 2008

before i hit the pillow...

yes...a nice long nap is just what i have in store for the afternoon (while the girls are also enjoying a nice long nap as well, of course!)...but first, i thought i would stop in and leave a little post on my bloggity-blog. how is it that i haven't been by since wednesday...and can it really be that this is the tail end of june! my sister and i were on the phone last night, and she mentioned remembering when my great grandma (GG) used to tell her, "just wait until your old. time moves so quickly." well, apparently both my sister and i have gotten "old"...because i'm definitely feeling the warp-speed of time! here are some "snippets" from the past couple of days!
-a nice visit and walk with my dear friend jill and wee little baby brennan...oh so wonderful to hear her share all of the new joys becoming a mommy has brought into her life. those of you who are mommies completely understand....things like, "well, i am surprised he doesn't sleep all the time...i thought newborns slept a lot more." and "wow...i spend my entire day on the couch nursing!"...oh the joys!

-actually, we've been doing lots of walking and catching up with friends lately. an old co-worker from my pre-mama, teaching days came over with her little guy and we walked and chatted thursday morning.
-meeting my dear friend lora for lunch at "the noodle house" (as elizabeth called it!)...and having the chance to catch up. she just returned from a vision trip (our church's short term mission trips) to kenya, so it was awesome to hear how God is working there...and in her heart as well!
-meeting with our flock group from church
-a loverly time getting to know another fam from our church...they invited us for a cook-out at their house...we ate and then chatted while the kiddos ran around in the backyard-swinging, sandboxing, "playing house" with the baby dolls...and before we knew it it was 9:30 at night and we still had to make the half hour drive home. quite a late night, but so worth it for the wonderful fellowship and the chance to get to know this delightful family!
-elizabeth's first reaction to the sound of fireworks (well...the first she could adequately relate to us with words!)...of course, she was a just slightly exhausted when we arrived home after 10 pm last night (just two hours after her typical bedtime!)...her room was pitch black and the neighbors were doing some early july fourth celebrating. the boom of the fireworks was just a wee bit overwhelming to her tired little ears...and she kept saying, " ears make noise!" even this morning when she woke up, she kept saying, " ears make noise last night!"

i think that is it for now. after our late night last night i am tuckered out and ready for a nice sunday afternoon nap! hope your days have been lovely!


Mommy Mechanics said...

I can't believe it time is flying for me too! How can it be July tomorrow? Crazy! I'm still stuck back at Christmas! Summer will be over before we know it.

Leslie said...

so so fun your days are... I can't believe people are already celebrating either. Some neighbor kids tried to on Saturday night in front of my garage, my momma bear instinct came out in full force (they are illegal here) and its right below her window... wowza.. I was the crazy "im gonna call the cops lady", probably not my most attractive moment!.. oops.