Saturday, June 21, 2008

mission accomplished

for those who have been to our house and walked into our "office" (ahem...miscellaneous stuff (much of which just might have been junk...some of which was "stuff" that just didn't fit this phase of the massive drafting/hobby desk the hubster bought me for scrapbooking, just wasn't going to be used enough to justify taking up that much space)...but i digress)....anyway...if you happen to be one of the people who have seen the "office" know just how miraculous it truly is that we've succeeded in clearly a space big enough for a full sized bed (which will be arriving with my mom monday morning when she comes to visit!)! can applaud us now! the aforementioned desk is disassembled and just waiting to be picked up tomorrow by its new owner (thanks craigslist!)...two or three massive garbage bags have made their way to the curb....our poor shredder has almost been worn out doing its job....two old ( old and one ancient) computers and a really old laptop have safely made their way to the computer hauler-awayers (can you tell that i don't know the true term for this!) minus their hard drives, which have been destroyed...and alas, we are ready for you to visit, mom! thanks for being the impetus to really tackle the room!
it was quite the day at the "yak" household...not only did we get rid of the desk and computers...we also sold our little plastic playset from the backyard...since we now have our big swingset! and we made one quite exciting garage sale purchase from some neighbors...our very first camcorder...something we have wanted for quite awhile but just couldn't justify expending the funds for. but some neighbors were getting rid of their gently used camcorder since they were movin' on up to the new technology...their old one will do just fine for the little family moments we want to capture (i say little...but really, these everyday moments are huge! and i can't wait to share them/have them to look back on one day!).
all that and we also enjoyed a nice picnic in the park...followed, of course, by some playing on the playground...sliding, swinging, running, simply enjoying the evening. and then, well, we stopped by elizabeth's favorite store in the world...lowe's...yep, she LOVES lowe's...and i have a sneaky feeling kate is falling slightly in love with it as well...mostly due to the swell race car carts our lowe's has. these are your average grocery store "car cart"....nope, they are racecars...which elizabeth finds absolutely fabulous. kate has just recently gotten big enough to ride along in the car part...and she is quite the driver...i simply love watching the girls sit next to each other and interact. i took some pictures will my cell phone, so perhaps i'll have to get around to figuring out how to download them to my computer so i can add them to this post...i'm just sure you will think they are as cute as i do!
anyway...hope your saturday was equally lovely!


Anonymous said...

If you program your e-mail address into your phone, just as you would enter in a phone number, (assuming your phone allows you to input e-mail addys) you can e-mail them to yourself as you take the pictures!
Maybe you already knew that..I just like techy junk LOL :)

Wendi said...

YAY!! Such accomplishments! Congratulations! :) It must feel wonderful to have the satisfaction of your cleaned out/organized room. So fun that you got a camcorder to! It is wonderful to capture those precious moments.
Have fun with your mom!!

Lisa said...

we need pictures of that room - I am sure it looks amazing! Job well done!
Enjoy the time with your mom and that camcorder...

Little Candle said...

Congrats on the room organization! So when are you coming over to do mine? I need to get it in shape for the new baby...anyway. ;) Post pictures of the room and of teh girlies in their "race car." I would love to see.


Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had such a productive weekend:) And a picnic in the park, I'm going to have to borrow that idea sometime this week!

And a camcorder, what an amazing blessing! You know I'm reading a Joyce Meyers book about peace. She wrote that we shouldn't buy things that we don't have peace about spending the money on and she had a story almost like that. Her daughter really wanted something and didn't feel peace about buying it so she waited. And it wasn't but a day or so later that someone gave her what she was wanting to buy for free. Isn't God just amazing sometimes?:)