Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

do any of you remember when i won that big ol' ice cream party last summer compliments of edy's? well, let me share a conversation the hubster and i had less than an hour ago.

hub: "oh yeah..i forgot to mention the homeowner board (of which he is a member) set a date to do another ice cream social." (sidenote: apparently the ice cream "block party" i won last year was one of the most successful neighborhood gatherings in recent years)

me: "sounds fun. so they're actually springing for the party this year."

hub: "i guess so. i'm assuming you didn't win this year since we haven't heard anything."

me: "i guess not."

fast forward 45 minutes. hubster is gathering the trash upstairs...i'm in the office doing one last e-mail check.

i open my e-mail account...and lo and behold...there it is..."congratulations!" yep...that's right...i won a whole boatload of ice cream for a second year in a row. are you kidding me?! a big thanks to the folk at edy's for the slow churned neighborhood salute contest. if the ice cream doesn't arrive in time for the official neighborhood shin-dig, our fam will just have to host our very own ice cream party of sorts with a not-so-small number of our best ice-cream lovin' friends and family. seriously friends...you really should check this contest out next year...perhaps i'll actually remember to blog about it then to remind you!

incidentally...edy's slow-churned is my favorite ice cream...smooth and creamy...not too sweet but no "lite" aftertaste....the perfect end to a summer's evening. (and they didn't even pay me to say that!)


Nancy M. said...

Wow! I so love ice cream. Sounds like just about the best party ever. I did have a chocolate party, though, and that was great. I will have to see if I can find the slow churned Edy's near me and try it!

Lisa said...

Can I come, too???
Congrats, girl! Funny the way things turn out sometimes, huh...

Amy said...

Ooooo, you lucky girl! That is so awesome! I can't believe you won twice, you go! Enjoy!

Little Candle said...

I have to tell you...I read your post last night and then I proceeded to dream that I had won ice cream too! Excpet it, was everywhere and I was frantically running around trying to stop it from melting. Hee Hee
I'm sure the real thing is much better and much more relaxing.

Sarah :)

chelle said...

That is so fun. And TWO years in a row!!!!

Rebecca said...

how fun that you won again! oh i love ice cream! thanks so much for your encouraging words and prayers. you are much appreciated! we may be back online at home sooner than we thought, but we'll see. i'm hoping i'll meet some new friends (libbs, too) soon...or else i might go crazy missing my family and friends. it's very hard. i'm super thankful jonathan finally has a job, but the move has been rough. alrighty..i'm off! thanks again for everything, amanda!