Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ten smile tuesday...belated...

so i's wednesday...and, of course, my smiles are a little late. we have been enjoying our special time with my mom...and even the treat of my grandma (GG) spending the day with us. grandmommy and GG took off just a bit ago to head back to the lake...but lucky for us we won't have to say goodbye for long since next week is the fourth of july, so our fam will be headed to the lake to join them. are a few simple smiles.

1. ice cream...what better summer treat than a walk to dq! especially when lib's cone was free because of the summer reading program at the library

2. free books...compliments of the half price book summer reading program. this week we scored "the belly button book" (sandra boynton) for kate...and both "i'll love you forever" and "the runaway bunny" for elizabeth...all for the great price of FREE!

3. enjoying some backyard pool fun yesterday afternoon...gotta love that elizabeth was digging the little pool (which i, of course, intended for kate)...while kate was all about the big pool!
see...even mom and i joined in the pool fun!

4. grillin' out...a big ol' batch of bbq chicken (a la chef mom!) and some marinaded chicken for a chicken salad for lunch today...lots-o-meat!

5. garage sale steals and deals...including our new video cam...some great books...clothes for the girlies (by the way...i am done with garage saling...the girls now have full wardrobes for next season!)...and even an alligator lounge chair for libs (you'll see pictures of that after we go to the lake next weekend)...and best of all...a super cute alligator onesie for our kater gator!

6. receiving some super great rebate checks in the mail..seriously...gotta love being surprised by big amounts of fundage! a check from half price books for books that were cluttering up our office...and that cash from selling the little plastic swingset!
7. some "canasta-ing" with my mom...and i have to mention that i schnaukered her!
8. an awesome prayer and worship sunday evening service at church...more to come on that one tomorrow.
9. de-cluttering a bit...
10. a quick ice cream date with my hub monday night...nice to run out and enjoy a few minutes on weeknight! thanks mom!


Rebecca said...

great smiles, amanda! love the pictures! and how fun to get free books! and i'd definitely say ice cream is something to smile about! :)

Anonymous said...

About smile #7!! I am afraid this "schnaukering" that happened while "canasta-ing" the past couple days must be clarified a bit. You see, I know how hard my daughter works to keep her home and family so well, she deserves to be "treated" to some R&R when Mommy comes to visit. I cooked, I helped clean, I even washed some windows! I changed diapers, I put girls to bed, I washed dishes, I was the one who grilled ALL that delish chicken last night, and now she things she BEAT me at cards. I just thought she would feel much better about herself it I LET her win, so I just kept holding all the cards in my hand so she would be able to go out and I would have to count all my held cards "against" my score, therefore allowing her to be victorious. Isn't that what Moms are for? Hehehe! By the way, thanks for putting up with me for three days, I LOVED spending so much time with my girlies! Can't wait to have you and your fam here at my house at the lake very soon! Love you, Mom PS.. I plan on schnaukering you when you are MY guest!!

chelle said...

What a happy week you've had!So much to smile about.

Nancy M. said...

So glad you were able to spend so much fun time with your family! The pics are great!

Shanna said...

I have to admit I'm a little jealous of your week- look fabulous!!

Leslie said...

free books are a surefire smile for us too, our lapsits class gives us a free brand new board book every week.

Amazing to me... :)

and visits from family, pool and BBQ, all in all perfect if you ask me.

Amy said...

That's so nice that your mom was able to come and join you for fun with the girls. I am sure that they love it too!

I love that you guys have found so much stuff with alligators on it, that is too cool!

We have just started our garage sale hunt so we are on the other end. Erika's little one is getting so big I think the Ray clothes train is going to be coming to an end soon so we are off tomorrow to increase the peanut's wardrobe for next summer. And, anything else we might find in "the hunt"! Love it!

Lisa said...

so many great smiles this week - love them!!!
btw - since we didn't get a post this week from your mom, can we expect one for the 4th of July - that would be fun, huh???

Have a great time at the lake...