Monday, June 16, 2008

a zooin' we did go... was finally a bit cooler (mid-70's as opposed to 90's!), so we took a trip to the zoo with some friends. just look at how much fun we had!

four little friends...kate just wished she could get out and run with them!

a picture perfect moment...gotta love the hand holding...(imagine a sweet photo of the backside of three sweet little kiddos holding hands and walking through the zoo)...
...then garrett, the cutey pie in the middle, decided his two year old legs wanted to run....BUT he didn't want to let go of elizabeth or cassandra's hands...resulting in a pile of kiddos on the ground...and one big, fat lip for elizabeth. as she says, "i go to the zoo and go BONK!". there was a bit of blood...a few tears...and a fairly quick "recovery"....nothing serious, but really, it wouldn't be a day with five kiddos if there wasn't some kind of "incident"! (imagine the aforementioned photo...only with three kiddos suddenly beginning to take off running)

see this guy...(imagine a photo of an up-close and personal giraffe!)

elizabeth got to feed him. yep, she walked right up, holding onto her sweet potato slice and mr. giraffe stuck his big ol' bumpy tongue out to snatch it up. fun fun! (imagine elizabeth holding up a tasty morsel of sweet potato for mr. giraffe)

in other news...we enjoyed some early father's day celebrations saturday...walking to the yummy breakfast place in town, a new wardrobe for mike (compliments of dockers and sears...they had this awesome $100 of dockers mens clothing, receive a $75 gas card...and you could do it once per adult in a mike got 5 or 6 shirts, 4 pairs of pants, and some socks for just $50 after the gas cards (which we will, of course, use!)....a nice meeting of our flock group from church....some relaxing...a lovely church service sunday morning and even the arrival of our honorary nephew (our dear friends jill and nathan's little boy)--born on father's day, no less!--brennan...and, of course, visiting the sweet little family...and holding the precious little bundle. how can it be that kate was that tiny just ten months ago!


Nancy M. said...

I am trying hard to imagine all those pictures you described! Wish it would have let you post them. Kids do have a way of getting "bonked", lol!

Great deal with the gas card! Wish I had a Sears near me.

Rebecca said...

oh what fun posts and pictures you've had. i know it hasn't been that long since i've been in blogland, but it feels like it! still won't be on much, but i wanted to stop by and say hello!