Monday, June 2, 2008

CVS mania!

Okay...bear with me...I had to share! Plus I know some of you get a kick out of seeing these bargains or have jumped into the CVS-ing...perhaps these can give you some ideas!!! Later this morning I promise to post something filled with pictures and random details of our weekend and my sweet girls....

Saturday PM--A lovely cashier clued me in on the fact that the next weeks ECB deals would be activated between 8 and 9 Saturday I decided to try it out since all three of these deals involved a coupon that expired 5/31. Let me tell was a GREAT trip!

Transaction #1

3 4 pks. AAA Duracell batteries
1 Bounty 8 roll pack
1 Charmin 9 roll pack
**3 x $.75 off duracell
$1 off bounty
$1 off charmin
$5/$15 CVS coupon
Paid with a $10 ECB and $1.05 oop
Earned $10 ECBs!

Transaction #2

2 Pampers baby dry
**$2/2 Pampers coupon
$5/15 CVS coupon

Paid with $9 ECB and $.12 oop
No ECBs earned...but hang on, they're coming!!!

Transaction #3

1 Chex mix
2 Dawn dish soaps
2 Ellin Lavar hair products (this was a May deal)
2 Pampers wipes
**$1 off chex mix IP coupon
$.25 dawn coupon
$2/2 pampers coupon
$5/2 Ellin lavar CVS coupon
$5/15 coupon

Paid with $5 ECB and $.93 oop
Earned $10 ECBs (making up for a few I lost in transaction #2...but hold on tight...there's more to come in Sunday's transactions!)

Transaction #4 (yes...I did four transaction at the same store...because the cashier was so nice...and the store was fairly empty!)

3 Chex mix
3 Fabreeze air effects
1 Fabreeze fabric refresher
2 Dawn dish soaps
**3 x $1 off chex IP coupons
$.50 fabreeze fabric refresher coupon
$.50 fabreeze air effects coupon
$5/$15 CVS coupon

Paid with $5 ECB and $.71 oop
Earned $6 ECBs

Now onto Sunday...I decided to take advantage of the monthly deals before the $5/$15 coupon expired...I started the morning with $23 in ECBs and ended the day with $ I'd say it was a good day!

Store #1--killing time while we waited for the nearby Sprint store to open to get a new phone...

Transaction #1

1 Oral B Cross-action 2 pack
1 CVS band-aid
2 softlips 2 pks.
**$1/2 softlips coupon (received because I called customer service and asked if they had coupons--they also sent me a coupon for a free Rohto eye product...which you'll see later!)
$5/$15 coupon

Paid with $10 ECB and $1.10 oop
Earned $10.98 ECBs

Transaction #2

2 Listerine SmartRinse
1 Oral B Cross-action 2 pack
1 CVS band-aid
**2 x $1 listerine coupons
$5/$15 CVS coupon
Paid with $11 ECBs and $1.17 oop
Earned $15.96 ECSs

Store #2--Mike was still working...we were a bit stir crazy...those $5/$15 coups and monthly deals were staring at we loaded up the stroller and headed out to finish off the monthlies!

Transaction #1

1 CVS 500 count cotton swabs
2 CVS 625 count cotton swabs (they only had one 500 count left--in retrospect, I would have bought 2 625 counts and 1 more CVS band-aid--since the limit is apparently more than the 2 listed in the ad!)
1 Rohto V Ice eye drops
**FREE Rohto eye coupon (sent with the soft lips coupons I mentioned above--it pays to call!)
$3/10 CVS brand coupon
$5/15 CVS coupon

Paid with 2 ECBs and $1.74 oop (I didn't have enough low dollar value ECBs)
Earned $8 ECBs

Transaction #2

1 Brut deoderant
2 Huggies baby washes
2 softlips 2 packs
**2 x $1 huggies coupons
$1/2 softlips (from calling!)
$1 brut coupon
$5/15 coupon

Paid with $6.99 ECB and $1.52 oop
Earned $9 ECBs

Transaction #3

2 Colgate advanced fresh (BOGO)
3 Huggies baby wash
1 Buddy bar
**3 x $1 huggies coupons
$1 johnson buddies coupon
2 x $1.50 colgate coupons
$5/15 CVS coupon

Paid with 3 ECB and $.97 oop
Earned $6 ECBs

Not only did I "make" quite a few ECBs...but I also brought home some good stuff. Many of those baby washes will be headed out the door to bless some friends very will some q-tips...toothpaste and brushes. How fun to get things for pennies on the dollar and use them to be a blessing to others! Total out of pocket $9.24...and I have $42 ECBs to use and "roll" throughout the month...that means I paid less than the regular cost of one of those packs of Pampers and got all of this merchandise to use and pass on to others...PLUS I almost doubled my ECBs. CVS definitely works for me!


Kendra at Handprints On The Wall said...

Just stopping by to let you know I tagged you to for Monday's Meme! Check out my site for the rules. Hope you get a chance to play along!!

Wendi said...

Coupon Diva. I am in awe! :) My hero. :)

Rebecca said...

AMAZING!! i so wish there were a cvs near us!

StephanieJ said...

WOW! What great deals, I am a little bummed that I am out of the game until we sell this house, I am missing out! Good job!

Nancy M. said...

Wow! You inspire me to do better. Those were some fantastic deals!

Rhonda said...

That is awesome. I wish we had a CVS.

taygirl said...

Amanda! I get a kick out of you! I feel like I have a CVS twin now! :) I stocked up on bounty, pampers, dawn, and duracell this week too! Set for awhile! :)

Andrea said...

Wow! That is a lot of stuff!! I love how you have each transaction pictured too! Great job shopping!