Wednesday, August 24, 2011


oh my, what craziness a year can bring...both laughter and hard times...and jillian, you have been right at the center of it all. we've gone through two hospital stays, a couple ER visits, and a LOT of laughter, snuggles, spunk, and fearlessness. jillian, you are a gift...a treasure...our little adventurer. you are always right there, keeping up with your sisters....and sometimes blowing right past them. you climb, you swim, you run, you live your little two year old life to the fullest. and while you surely love and try to keep up with your big sisters, you are totally loving your baby brother...every morning i get you out of bed, and the very first thing you do is say, "uke" (luke) and run toward his room. i can't wait to see how the two of you grow in friendship in the coming years.

jillian, you are bursting out of your "shell"...although, to be honest, you've never had a've always been pretty sweet and spunky...but the words are coming, and with them, the massive dose of personality. you love to dance to music...sneak into markers and pens (and anything else you know isn't yours--hehe!) grapes (i mean, really, kiddo, you could eat grapes all day...and you like any and every other fruit equally...and beans and olives...odd, but true). your little bobbling ponytail head...your gorgeous, big blue eyes...your infectious smile and giggle...your wiggling, waddling, jiggly are too incredibly sweet. we love you. we cannot wait to see you grow and learn and become the woman God has created you to be.

"hey y'all! where's the cake?!" alternately titled, "yep, i'm FULL of personality!"

there it is...happy birthday to me!

she seriously started out by eating ONE sprinkle at a time...too funny

then she moved on to the fork (love the birthday girl's shirt from grandma and grandpa)

...and finally...after the sprinkle by sprinkle and fork approach, she went for the "pick it up and jam it in" method :)


present time

weebles! (and, yes, mommy did score these as an amazing deal...and we now have a weeble empire in our living room!)

and yes...i DID wrap the houses in trash bags...what can i say, i'm resourceful ;)...or maybe better said, i completely ran out of time and didn't want to drag all four kiddos with me to the store for gift bags or wrapping paper :)


the big girls had just as much fun playing with jilly's presents

first luke watched from the saucer

...but eventually he got in on the action...oh this picture makes me smile, all four of my babies...together..."playing"...and can you see my hand and iPod on the right...we were FaceTiming with grandmommy and poppy, letting them get in on the action.

it was low-key, but oh what a sweet little birthday celebration we enjoyed tonight...



Rebecca said...

sounds like a great birthday. you can tell jilly is full of character just from the pics! happy birthday to your sweet girl!

Katie said...

Cute:) I love the "one sprinkle at a time" lol

Cottage Mommy said...

Two already? But in a way it seems like she has been around forever since you've gone and had another baby already! Happy Birthday to Jilly! This is my favorite age right now because Quinn is soooo full of fun and personality, he just winds you right around his little finger! I hope two is like that for Jilly too!