Sunday, August 14, 2011


we didn't think we'd get to see aunt shell this summer...busy schedules, too much distance, and crazy high gas prices...we were bummed. well, we ended up getting to see her. unfortunately it was because my grandpa dad's dad...meaning we were all together...but for a funeral. and yet, what a sweet weekend of togetherness, even in the midst of saying "goodbye" to grandpa.

grandmommy, poppy, and their fish :)

aunt shell and jilly

we also got to see GG again...she and jilly are buddies

shell, mom, GG, and me

and, though, it was a couple of weeks early, we figured being together might be a fun chance to celebrate a certain little girl's fourth birthday (we also sang for jilly!--just super early!). kate requested chocolate cake...good choice birthday girl! and my sister helped with outlining a sketch of clifford...i just did the tracing and filling in with icing. :)

there was, of course, some time for swimming....elizabeth and kate are fish....seriously. they would just walk out to the end of the dock, climb down the boat steps and take off...elizabeth swam all the way out to the buoy by herself!

take 1

take 2

take 3 ;)

the night before we left for the funeral, the girls were already tucked in bed when our neighbor came to the door with this...the entire top to her granddaughter's princess, we were fun parents, for just that moment, and woke the girls up to let them eat cake. they were so surprised...and thrilled. (and daddy might have even let them eat cake for breakfast the next morning...shhh! :)

and just a couple more pics. :)

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