Wednesday, August 24, 2011


big sisters and their thomas pj wearing baby brother...kate is beyond excited about luke's jammies.

elias, caleb, elizabeth, aiden, and kate at the YMCA playland

my favorite is sweet jilly just chillin' on the other side

checkin' out the animals at the zoo...
elizabeth, kate, caleb, aiden, elias, and jilly (luke and anna are hiding)

watching the dolphin show

jilly and her buddy the worm bike...sweet girlie tries so hard to keep up with her sisters...just truckin' along on her wormie

the tater-sack from daddy

emmett and jilly playing trains :)

luke giving his friend rilla the "hey baby" suave look :)

while luke and rilla posed for pics the girls were merrily playing with rilla's sister maureen (one of jilly's bestest buddies)

the best kind of buddies...sisters. they are totally on a coloring kick lately...i don't even know how many coloring books and boxes of crayons we've gone through in the past couple weeks


and the daddy and son buddy-ness. :)

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Rebecca said...

this whole post is so all the pics of those beautiful kiddos!