Wednesday, August 24, 2011

scenes from a saturday

my little artists

pitas...all rolled out and ready to pop in the oven

puffed up and ready...these puppies are seriously tasty.

we had freshly baked pitas, grilled "gyro" steak (steak in a mediterranean marinade), feta, tomatoes, homemade tzatziki sauce, and olives...yum!

daddy manning the grill...actually waiting for the coals to heat...see the swimsuits drying on the picnic table...we also enjoyed a fun family swim, and the girls are getting so brave. elizabeth is popping all the way under the water and practicing her swimming skills more and more!

and for dessert we made's the dough rolled out and cut up

we don't use it much, but sometimes the occasion calls for the fryer :)

here they all their puffed up powdered sugary glory...seriously, these were so tasty....from scratch definitely beats box/bag mix any day...i think we'll be making a tradition of beignets....maybe even some beignet mornings where we invite friends over! :)


and ending the day with a freshly bathed, snuggly luke is always fun!


Rebecca said...

sounds like a great saturday! i tried to make pitas once, but they did not turn out like that!

diashermosos said...

I'm thinking that you are going to have to post some recipes please... They both looked delicious! And I can't believe how big your kiddos are getting! My how the time flies.