Sunday, August 14, 2011

never say never

i have never actually applied for a teaching job.

crazy, considering i taught at two different schools before becoming a mama.

when i left teaching to stay at home i prayed and considered, and i chose not to renew my teaching license. i was never planning to enter the teaching realm least not as a licensed teacher.

{sidenote: at the point i was also 150% sure i would NEVER be one of those people who homeschooled...NEVER!--HA! for those who don't know, school started this past wednesday in our town...elizabeth didn't go...alas, it is official, i am one of "those"!}

when we enrolled the girls at the "academy/co-op" they were involved in last year, they asked me about teaching.

i said no...pretty much immediately.

they asked again over that summer.

i prayed about it. the answer was no. i just wanted to stay a preschool mommy.

they asked AGAIN last spring. right around the time luke was born.

the answer was "smack me in the face" clear immediately even before i spent much time praying. i said no. ;)

do you get the idea?

luke is almost 6 months old now. jillian is almost 2. we are as busy and involved as ever. i've already committed to leading the discussion group leaders at our MOPS group. i'm planning our weeks and routine and schedule...thinking about my mondays with just the little two at home.

and then i get the e-mail....the, "i can't believe we are pestering you about this again...feel free to say no right away, but..." e-mail.

that same teaching position...the literature/composition one...the one i said no to last's open. the teacher they hired prepared the syllabus, did the legwork, is heartbroken, but she can't do it.

am i interested in the position?

i didn't immediately laugh. my gut didn't say no.

i showed the e-mail to my husband, who was sitting next to me.

he didn't say no.

i started to sweat a little...and then get a bit giddy and excited...and then plummet into a pile of nerves.

i said i would consider and pray about it.

i prayed.

mike prayed.

i sought wise counsel.

my gut said yes.

my husband said yes.

wise counsel said yes.

the Lord said yes.

and i said yes.

people...never say never.

**to is just mondays...two hours of actual classroom time...just under 40 students....7th and 8th graders, a classical program, meaning we use the progymnastia writing style (COMPLETELY new to me! eek!). we are studying the "moderns"...some fabulous literature, "the hiding place", "the hobbit", "treasure island", "anne of green gables" to name a few. they provide nursery for my younger two (and libs and kate are in "school" there at that time) all day so i can also prep, plan, and grade. and people, pray for me...i am thrilled but SO nervous and overwhelmed right now. SO much to do--and we start in less than a month!


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I'm wondering how your co-op works. Ours all the parents have to either assist or teach every week for at least two hours. We meet one day a week and I think it's like for 6 hours now that lil is doing 1st grade. I'm teaching photography with a friend, but we don't get paid for it. Just part of being a co-op. Oh, and we pay for each child, progressively more due to supplies, as they get older. How does yours work?

Rebecca said...

wow...that is'll do great, amanda!

and that homeschool co-op sounds amazing! i wish there were something like that around her...but, i'm going at it alone (i do have a couple friends here who homeschool, though).

Jackie@Our Moments, Our Memories said...

yay, this is SO exciting, Amanda! Love how God worked it all out. And I can just tell from reading this that you are so excited to jump into this arena - you are going to do such an incredible job.

Nikki said...

This is so awesome!! And, I can imagine, somewhat overwhelming and scary at times, too. Will definitely be praying for you and your family as you begin this new season. It sounds like the ideal part-time job situation--good grief, even childcare is covered, how unheard-of is that?