Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my (not quite an entire month late) fourth of july post

how is it august? seriously!? i really did intend to post this a month ago...but i guess better late than never, right!?

we enjoyed our traditional fourth of july at the lake. i ran the 5.5K again this year...ran might still be used as a loose term, but i did run 2/3 or more of it, and i finished in less than 50 minutes, which felt like a great accomplishment for me. i'm already looking forward to improving on that next year, especially since joining the Y means i will have somewhere to work out year round. :) (and since i won't be pregnant or 4 months post partum!)
we, also, of course, enjoyed the traditional "boat-in" pancake breakfast. even jilly cleaned an entire plate this year...luke mostly slept through that festivity, but i'm sure next year he'll be scarfing pancakes down (eek...hard to believe he'll be such a big boy by then!).

my sweeties "posed" (err...kind of) for a group shot. actually, i consider this a good photo at this point in life...all four in the frame, mostly looking at the camera and even some smiles...ha!

luke definitely enjoyed the water once he got past the initial "cold-ish" shock. he kicked and splashed and squealed.

the girls have turned into waterbugs...seriously, they were in the water every second they possibly could be. this was a big weekend for elizabeth...she decided (typical elizabeth....her timing, her terms) she was big enough to do it herself...(i think poppy moving the pontoon so she could walk out on her own helped). she still doesn't love the idea of jumping off the dock, but she'll climb right in and take off. our dear friend miss jill visited and even taught her some new "technique" to practice...so she is diligently working on her kicking, scooping, and blowing. kate "hippo-jumped" (no clue why she calls it hippo-jumping!) her heart off...she'd jump off the end of the dock, swim to the boat steps, climb up and do it again and again and again and again. :) as for jilly, well, that sweet girlie has no fear...and, go figure, she wants to do it all as independently as possible!

the girls also helped poppy plant a tree...it'll be fun to watch it (and them) grow. maybe a photo a year to mark the progress ;)

we enjoyed lots of swinging, decking sitting, running around, bonfire making, smores eating, firework watching fun too.

and luke finally got to meet great uncle bubby. :)

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Rebecca said...

such beautiful kiddos. and sounds like such a fun weekend!!