Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I thought blue might be a tough one for us...however, we apparently have a lot of blue around...that or I just looked harder. I must admit, many of our blues were things that I found...not Elizabeth! :) All the same, we did talk about the color blue while we hunted!
{our butter crock~hand-made my by sister!}
**fyi: if you are ever looking for a hand-made ceramin something-or-other...mugs, casseroles, butter crocks--you name it...something to give as a gift or keep for yourself!....let me my unbiased (he he!) opinion, my sister does fabulous i would love to pass on her info. i think she has an etsy shop these perhaps i need to post that link!
{the dish towel}

{the girls...on the navy blue couch--a double whammy!}

{one of the wheels on elizabeth's truck}

{a blue spatula...handing for scraping the bowl while libs and i whipped up some iron skillet coffee cakes this morning...a treat for daddy to take to work tomorrow morning!}
{cookie monster}

{the lotion dispenser in the girls' bathroom}

{warm and snuggly flannel sheets}

{the dresser in elizabeth's room}

{bags from our bargain shopping yesterday!}


Anonymous said...

What fun things! We have a cookie monster too :)
I like the dresser!

Rebecca said...

i love this color hunt thing! looks like you and libs are having fun. yes, it is funny that we were doing pigtails at the same time.
the butter crock your sister made is beautiful! you should link her page to your blog...some day when we have money again i would love some pottery!

lolly lisa said...

Look at those bags - you must have found alot of deals! I do love a good bargain and all your blues...

Leslie said...

Look at all those childrens place deals... I probably should have gone and checked it out... :)

Loving the colors so much...