Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ten Smile Tuesday...

Wow...two posts in one day...check out the post before this for our "yellow hunt". I still had to share our smiles though...just wouldn't be Tuesday without 'em! A side note before I share my smiles though...


Yep...it's my sister's birthday. Hope you enjoy your day...wish we could be in North Carolina celebrating with you!

1. color hunting...what fun we have had finding colors all around the house!

2. she's sitting on her own...yep, kate has mastered the art of sitting unsupported...okay, so in reality she is still a bit unstable, but as long as she doesn't make any sudden moves, she has it down! libs is quite enthralled by this...new options for playing with her sister!

3. bargain shopping...is it just me or do i share some "bargain related" smile every week...but this morning we picked up my friend jamie and her little guy, piled in the van, and headed to the outlets to capitalize on some of the end of the season clearance sales (i'm one of those buy ahead for next year during clearance sales type gals!). let me tell you...we found some great bargains....and what i loved most...buying matching things for the girls! time with my girls, time with friends, shopping (and finding great deals)...what's not to smile about!

4. elizabeth's first piggy tails...

5. success with pooping in the potty....need i say more!? this might have brought one of the biggest smiles of all to mommy's face!

6. the girls' first "joint" bathtime...elizabeth was thrilled to have kate join her in the big tub and to "help" with washing kate. we tried this while daddy was home and we could tackle bath-time together...he stabilized kate while i did the washing. i can't help but think that bath-time is only going to get more fun as the months go on!

7. bouncing...always a smile. this time we were able to meet my friend becky and her twin girls (almost 2)....of course we all had loads of fun!

8. our bag full of alligator themed books...i've decided to pick a theme to focus on when we pick out library books...and i will try to start sharing some of the favorites we find. i LOVE the library...but the children's section can be SO overwhelming, especially with both girls...so this is my attempt to perhaps discover some new favorites...and have a focus each week or so...i think we will try more animal themes, numbers, colors, the alphabet, and on and on...should be fun!

9. ghiradelli triple chocolate brownies fresh from the oven...with andes mints melted on the top...YUM! seriously, i love baking from scratch, but these brownies are SO good right from the box mix! we popped them in the oven sunday right before uncle dennis, his girlfriend, and his dog popped by for a visit!

10. catching moments here and there with my hubby. mike's work schedule has been crazy...lots of long, late hours...i am so thankful for his hard work providing for us (and for God's grace to enjoy each and every day--even the long evenings without daddy!), but i am even more thankful for the sound of the garage door going up and those moments we can share together before we crash for the night. and i won't reveal it yet, but my wonderful husband revealed a valentine's surprise the other day...sneaky, romantic guy...thats all i am saying though...you'll just have to check next weeks smiles to hear all about it!


Rebecca said...

wonderful smiles! the color hunt sounds like fun...and a good way for learning colors. perhaps i will try that one of these days. how fun that kate is sitting on her own now! i can't believe how big she is getting. and congrats to libs on the potty thing! i cannot wait until my libbs starts using the potty. she's starting to show some signs, so that's exciting. i love the book themes idea for the library...i definitely want to do something like that. i still cannot get liberty to get through an entire book yet...she's so ansty and tries to flip through the pages so quickly you can barely read two words! hope the rest of your week is full of more great smiles!

lolly lisa said...

You have had a busy week... But if you are at all like me - the busier the better! So happy to catch some smiles in the middle of all these colors!

Amy said...

I think that book theme thing is a great idea. We are actually doing Valentine's books and a video this week. I think we're going to make some of our own Valentine's too. I know she can't completely understand but it's funny to start anyway!